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Love Uganda Foundation registration number; 178298  was founded in 2012 as a community Based Non-Government Organization operating in Uganda kalagi Town-  Mukono, Gulu, Jinja, Kampala and Kabale district. It started as a family Foundation with 10 kids from remote families but later transformed into a National center with Children from all over the country. Some of the members who joined in to set up the center were friends. Today we are proud to be associated with such a big family.

The main purpose of the proposed project is to provide orphans and vulnerable children with adequate accommodation and living conditions. As a childcare/Orphanage, we do provide a home for our children after being approved by the government authority basing on the child’s status or condition.  He or she is initiated in our family setting from where they find a sense of belonging with our mother who happens to be a widow able to take care of the child together with other siblings in a home. We do emphasize on our children being molded and nurtured under a family institute as this is an avenue for which right and proper morals of life are instilled.

Currently, we are renting one big homestead which is able to accommodate 30 children, with loving mothers providing good care to the children. Due to the expansion of our vision and the need to increase the numbers of orphans in our care, we have secured land for this project and embarked on raising funds towards this project  in Kalagi Town- Mukono District, access to enough space is a basic requirement of a childcare center. This purpose will be achieved through mobilization of financial resources from local entrepreneurs, global donors, construction of new children’s home. The project is scheduled to start in January 2017 and completed by the end of September 2018.

The project plan is on ground but there is lack of fund and other requirements, like building materials and others needed urgently. We hope if the good Samaritans and donors out there can consider our appeal. We need this assistance urgently in the renovation and construction of the building of our center.



Love Uganda Foundation, Registration number; 178298 was founded in 2012 as a community Based Non-Government Organization operating in kalagi Town-  Mukono, Gulu, Jinja, Kampala and Kabale district of Uganda. It started as a family Foundation with 10 kids from remote families but later transformed into a National center with Children from all over the country. Some of the Members who joined in to set up the center were friends. Today we are proud to be associated with such a big family. Love Uganda Foundation is able to provide a small orphanage project that will provide children with a safe and stable home, education,  food, medical care, Godly principles and support throughout their childhood.  We believe that when we empower our children or our society at large, we avail a great platform for great African leaders who shall someday empower Africa’s Next Generation and the whole world at large.

In Mukono district like any other areas of the country, there is a growing number of Orphaned and homeless children as a result of HIV/AIDS. In addition to this, these children are often abandoned with no way of tracing their family members. Many of these children live in communities where there are widespread misconceptions about the causes of HIV/AIDS. Over the past few years, the number of orphans and vulnerable children living in Uganda has been escalating at an alarming rate. In 2004, the number of orphans was estimated to be 1.8 million and by 2009 that number had grown to nearly 2.6 million. Over one million of those children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS-related complications and the following are their problems.

After their parents passing on as a result of HIV/AIDS-related complications, they are shunned by neighbors and community members in fear of contracting the disease. Orphans find themselves isolated within their communities, surrounded by those who are unwilling or unable to reach out to them. Many of these children are deprived of their basic needs due to high levels of poverty. Nearly half of the population lives below poverty line, out of which 19% are children. Uganda’s rural areas in particular struggle with a very high poverty rate.

Poverty breeds desperation and leads people to many drastic choices. Children get killed, trafficked or sold as slave labor. Love Uganda Foundation Childcare/Orphanage addresses such issues. Some children get rejected by their families for small body deformities and treatable medical conditions. Orphaned and abandoned children stay hungry, malnourished, and often diseased. Because every child is precious to God, we cannot sit back and watch these children suffer alone yet we can do something to restore their priceless lives and provide them with hope for the future. This we have managed to achieve through our Childcare/Orphanage ministry under our internal sector within the foundation.


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Love Uganda Foundation
Arial View of the New House


To construct and manage homes for the children who are 3- 14 years through mobilization of resources.

To establish the center in the stages as planned in the areas highlighted and manage it to the standards required for the upbringing and rehabilitating the target groups.

To develop infrastructure that match the growing needs of Love Uganda Foundation as a reputable Children center in Uganda.


The beneficiaries will be the orphans and needy children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, and other illnesses, needy children from families of the poorest, destitute, homeless and other forms of vulnerable children. The immediate families of these children will also in turn benefit by raising their general welfare through skills development, support their livelihood projects. Community Benefits: Integrating children into the broader community by providing them with shelter and enrolling them in local schools will reduce the social divide so prominent in Uganda’s society. We hope our efforts will create a safer community with fewer children on the streets struggling for survival.


The project is located in kalagi Town- Mukono district. In Mukono district like any other areas of the country, there is a growing number of Orphaned and homeless children caused by HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. In addition to this, these children are often abandoned with no way of tracing their family members. Many of these children live in communities where there are widespread misconceptions about the causes of HIV/AIDS.


Improved living and sleeping conditions among these children

Positive thinking towards sustainability of projects

Enhanced enlightened community on child care thus creating a viable sound future


Identification and registering more orphan vulnerable children

Constructing of children’s home

Management meetings

Contracting engineers and  constructions

Monitoring and evaluation of the project.


4.1 There is an increasing demand for the children in the center and yet even the state of the buildings is not at good standard. Currently, we are in fear that the home might be closed by authorities due to the state it was in.

4.2 There is favorable peaceful environment

4.3 The government policy encourages intervention mechanisms of voluntary organizations.

4.4 There is open support by local and international communities.


The Center activities are feasible because:

5.1 The building materials are available within the area

5.2 The required equipment can be obtained within the country at favorable costs.

5.3 The infrastructure favors the project since there is electricity, piped water and accessible road.


6.1 FIRST PHASE – Preparation (First Quarter)

Looking for workers. The workers shall consist of the following: Manager (part time), Secretary/Cashier (part time), Store clerk

Preparation for the tools, equipment, and necessary document

Giving of orientation, including the methods/strategies in the operation of the project.

6.2 SECOND PHASE – Implementation Proper (Second Third Quarter)

Purchase of the materials

Distribution of necessary equipment

Construction setting off.

6.3 THIRD PHASE – Terminal Period (Fourth Quarter)

Assessment/Evaluation of the project

Continuity and expansion of the project

Preparation of documentary report to be sent to the donor agency


Project monitoring will be done from day to day to ensure that the project objectives are in place. This will be achieved through;


Financial tracking system will be put in place to monitor cash flows, expenditures and purchases. For security and reliability quick books accounting data base is to be used and will be managed by the chief accountant. Income and expenses will be entered into the system and regular reconciliations are to be done.


We expect to send quarterly operational report about the progress of the project, every after two months and a comprehensive report will be sent every after four months covering; financial status, project activities so that the participating donors can review how the donations given are used in accordance with the vision of the center.


For any project to succeed, proper and efficient management is essential in order to realize good returns on investment. Both buying materials and construction process are labor-intensive projects. For maximum production, buying materials monitoring of work, evaluation, must be well coordinated by a qualified manager. The Tables below indicates the proposed personnel to carry out the work of the project.


Manager 1 Degree in civil construction 400,000
Store keeper 1 Diploma in store management 200,000
Accounts clerk 1 Degree in accounts 200,000
Builders 5 Skills and senior six 1,500,000
Attendants 10 Senior six 1,200,000
Security guard 1 Senior six 120,000
Total 15  3,620,000
item Amount(UGX)
 Bricks 10,000,000
Sand 4,400,000
Paint 2,840,000
Roofing 12,260,000
Boards 3,000,000
Iron bars 4,500,000
Transport 2,000,000


Windows and Doors 18,000,000
Toilet 7,000,000
Tank 2,500,000
Gate 3,500,000
GRAND TOTAL 70,000,000


The strategies of Love Uganda Foundation Home Construction Project include the following;

Improve the accommodation condition of the children who stay in this center and those about to join us.

To set up children demonstration center where children will meet to train and do different activities where they feel the love i.e. music, art or computer skills

In building construction of the Centre, there is need for masons, architects, painters and decorators.    The Board have made a plan to recruit the personnel at different stages when need arises and resources are obtained.*

The Board needs to raise the necessary funding in different ways in order for this project to take off.

The Project requires a variety of materials including building materials such as cement, sand, stones, timber, water, metal pieces, and iron sheets. There is need for training materials and craft raw materials.


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Testimonies & Feedback


    I loved staying with the kids at the Orphanage. It made my summer holiday great. Sara is an amazing girl. She was always cheerful and loved playing all the time. I will really miss them all until I return to Uganda. The Trip you gave me to Murchison also made my holiday amazingly good. I will always talk about you whenever am given an opportunity especially in my Church here in the States. Thanks to love Uganda safaris management for putting up such a foundation which takes care of the ...

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    My visit to the orphanage foundation is the best thing I have ever done in my life. The foundation has beautiful and well-behaved children who like to share with everyone. While there, I had a great time to spending 2 weeks with the amazing children who enabled me to experience the best African experience. I remember Frank, an orphan at the foundation who had the greatest smile ever; I enjoyed the African food which was very sweet and fresh fruits from the garden. The trip organized for me by Emma ...

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    It was a great pleasure when Emmanuel introduced me to the orphanage foundation which takes care of many children from different backgrounds. The foundation had many projects which I participated in like the agricultural project which helped me to learn how to grow banana and harvest it. The children at the orphanage are given bright future through supporting them to attain education. I am really missing you guys hope to come again soon with more of my friends. Since I was in Uganda on a volunteering role, I enjoyed going ...

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  • Cathy Oswald
    Cathy Oswald

    I Cathy Oswald, had a good moment with the children at the Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage. I enjoyed praying and worshiping with them and it was quite awesome. Great thanks to McMillan the warm welcome he showed to me. I got a moment i cannot forget at any one time.The safari was also wonderful.

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    My son and I had a good time sharing moments with everyone at the Foundation. I was especially glad to see the much you treasure in having young orphans live a normal life with education, health, shelter and above all, good social life that most orphans tend to lack. The care you give to them is tremendous. Also, I want to appreciate the way you are grooming them with Christianity, teaching them to know God. It is very important. I was surprised that you also contain Muslims under your care ...

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    At the time when I contacted you, I had two mindsets. One mindset told me that I would land on con men like I had done before. But on the contrary, I got to prominent guys whose dream is to influence the next generation. I was motivated by all that you do. Taking care of Orphans and Widows is seen as not very important in the eyes of many, you are however, different. I was glad that my first donation helped kids to get clothes. I will always send in ...

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  • nagasaki
    Akihiro Nagasaki

    I shared the best moments in my life with the children at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage. It was amazing and i look forward to coming back. I call upon other members from allover the world to join hands and support these children through; prayer, donations, sponsorship, etc.

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    I came to Uganda for a safari but I was grateful to find such a friendly company from you. Taking me to your Orphanage was like a dream come true because me and children you cannot separate us. I had 6 months to spend in Uganda and I had no idea how I would spend all that time until you introduced me to the Orphanage where I was able to learn more and also carry out of the voluntary activities at the orphanage. (more…)

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