Poverty situation in Uganda is alarming | Support the poor in Uganda

It was a beautiful morning at 15 th November, 2017 where we had an appointment for the interview with the students from Japan who wanted to know more about the poverty situation in Uganda and also the community life style, expanse and others.

The reason why they wanted this information is that they are going to establish their own company where they are going to be teaching the Japan’s Youth how people live in Africa especially the poor so that they can develop a heart of volunteering, donating in Africa. They first wanted to know more about our orphanage and then we brief them the poverty situation in Uganda generally, afterwards they go to the community.

We departed from office to the LUF home which is located in kalagi town, at 9:12am with 3 members from our team and the Japanese students. We reached the orphanage at 10am and we received a fabulous welcome of hugs and smiles from our children at the LUF orphanage. We took the Japanese students through the house showing them the different rooms of the children and everything. We gave them the information about the orphanage such as; how we get the kids, the year it started and why, the future plans and so many others. They went through our children’s profile and they were impressed by the good work we are doing.

They had one on one interview with our member called Natta Anthony who told them more about the poverty situation in Uganda. Our colleague said that some of the causes of poverty in Uganda include; ADF war in Northern Uganda, early marriage, unemployment, HIV & AIDS, Lack of education and so many others. After the interview, we went to the communities. We started with the communities in Kalagi, and then we stopped with one family in Kampala slums. We found out that most families that are badly off in Uganda have single parent where you find the father passed on. These families have one meal a day since they can’t afford to have all meals, their rooms is both sitting room, dining room and bed room and also they can’t afford to send their children to school since they have no school fees. They don’t even have jobs, in order to get food they hustle by digging in other people’s farms. The situation for these families is really alarming therefore whoever who is there and you have everything Thank God every day and also try to help the needy. Love Uganda Foundation helps children from such communities.

We went back to the orphanage to have lunch, where the kids entertained us with energetic dance and songs which made one of the Japanese students join them in order to experience the life of Uganda. This made him get exhausted since he wasn’t used to it. It was really a memorable day to remember for r lifetime.

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