Our mission statement is “Giving hope to Orphans, Needy, Vulnerable and Disabled children.

We are in position to achieve this by providing the children with Medical care, Education and spiritual development.

  • To develop infrastructure that match the growing needs of Love Uganda Foundation as a reputable Children center in Uganda.
  • To obtain resources to support the mission and realize a reasonable benefit for the key stakeholder.
  • To network with Agencies/NGOs working with orphans, Needy, Vulnerable and Disabled children among other for mutual benefits and referral support.
  • To create awareness among children and communities in matters concerning children’s health issues like home hygiene, water source maintenance, training members in all preventive measures concerning health related problems in schools and communities.

Love Uganda Foundation has prioritized four strategies in order to achieve these goals during the coming Five years. These strategies are:

  1. Develop capacity through collaboration with reputable Non-governmental organizations and Government agencies.
  1. Take the services to the users, child advocacy and community outreach.
  1. Increase the variety of resourceful projects through Sustainable Farming, vocational education and other viable projects as they will be identified in the due course.
  2. Development Training and Research.
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