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November 12, 2020
Orphans in Uganda
December 24, 2020
Orphans in Uganda

Orphans in Uganda

The Baganda have a saying which goes like “okutambula kulaba okudda kunyumya” which means the one that goes tells the story,  this is exactly what happened during my exciting visit at the LUF orphanage. My name is Katushabe Hope, on a bright Sunday afternoon, I took a trip to visit the children at the orphanage for my very first time but trust me this was the most amazing thing that I have had in the entire year of 2020. LUF orphanage is located in Kalagi Mukono district a journey that is only a one hour drive from Kampala via Gayaza Road to reach there.

Upon reaching, the neighborhood alone is a clear explanation of a safe and conducive environment that really suited to have the location of the orphanage. The cool breeze from the green nature and the melodies of the so many bird species welcomes you in the area. This is a place you wouldn’t regret visiting even when you’re going through a hard time in your life actually it’s a therapeutically center.

The warm welcome at the entrance a lone will give you a hint on what to expect once your settled in the place, Aunt is the name normally given to lady visitors and uncle is for the male guests; guess what I still hear the echoes of my new name “Aunt Hope” and a name I vowed to carry on because it was given to me by my cute little souls.

That moment when you are done making yourself comfortable, you’re going to be taken through the most amazing part of introducing themselves, hearing their names and their future prospects uttered out with so much confidence gives you a feel of what it means to believe in yourself no matter the situation. Being orphans and others from the most vulnerable families did not hinder any of them to see their futures as bright as the morning sun and a clear moon.

Amazingly I had a chance of interacting with so many professions but what caught my attention was the future president of the country Uganda a one boy by the names of  KAIJUKA IAN aged 7 years  who boldly with a lot of confidence said that he wanted to become a president of Uganda! Wow what a prospect! Of course you can never achieve what you haven’t set and I conclude to say that these little ones are on the right track.

LUF has trained and groomed the children on the foundation of fearing the lord, since the bible says the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom and this is evident with the children of Love Uganda Foundation because the next step after welcoming their visitors is exhibiting their talents of the sounds of the flowing waters in their gospel songs that they sing; trust me you wouldn’t want them to stop singing but of course they had to.


Rabbits at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage

At their age of 5-15, they have the most amazing dance strokes that I even failed to master up to now, their energy is unmatched and the zeal, the love in what they were doing clearly showed that indeed it is not the age and size of someone that helps them achieve and accomplish something but rather the passion. Oh my God, joining them at the dancing floor was among the memorable moment because the joy and the chants made me to also recall my 90’s dance strokes and oh yes I killed it with my own vibe.

The loving and embracing nature of these children will make you not to want to leave the place because the moment they set their eyes on you, the next thing to shower you with so much love and care, everyone wanting to show you around and make explanation of what and how their home is all about, show you different corners and what is done mostly in each corner.

On a small scale land where they stay, these children are carrying out different projects which have kept them busy during the lockdown of schools due to the corona virus pandemic. With the help from the organization and their guardians whom they with at the Orphanage, they were taken through the process of raring rabbits and chicken an experience they shared with me and trust me am on the way to chase poverty because I was equipped with the knowledge. Don’t you see it was worthy visiting them?

Furthermore, the orphanage provided the children with a family like environment where they have a mama and a papa who serve as the parent’s figures in their lives. These kinds of settings really amazed me because yes their orphans but they don’t have to be reminded of the same thing hence the family environment serves a good purpose.

Additionally the exciting part of nature made a call, this was lunch time, the moment of meet and greet of the entire body system. I was served a delicious meal and guess what! Eating with the children is a moment that can’t be equaled to! Seeing them enjoy a meal, concentrating on the act is a memory itself.

Time is never on anyone’s side the same applied to us because as the connection and communication had gotten deeper, it was now time to say goodbye, the ever saddest word when is said to the most treasured person and yes it was a moment of sadness as none of us wanted to check out.

In just those few hours which I spent with the children, I was already attached to the most of them personally and leaving them became a bit hard for me to do but I had to. Although I had to say bye, I know that it marked the beginning of our relationship and a thing I am determined to do for as long as I live because these children are amazing, not only during my downs that I will visit them to gain my strength but even during my boom days to share with them the joy.

The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of unloved, when these children lose their parents, that is how they feel but the moment they’re treated like the normal children and given the love and affection they count themselves rich. Spare some time off your busy schedule and visit the needy children to give them a sense of belonging and being loved.

My amazing journey to the LUF orphanage started with so many questions and expectation but it ended in so many tears of joy and attachment. Visit the Children at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage for an amazing experience!

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