March 9, 2019
March 13, 2019

Orphans in Uganda

Children are like clay soil whatever shape you give it is what it will mold accordingly. They are the most truthful and innocent beings. Children in Uganda must be treated with great love and respect, they have a right to get good education, opportunity in society to grow as good citizens. They deserve protection from family to build confidence to face the world and care to nurture their childhood.

Sadly there are multiple children in Uganda who are living without any support, care and roof. They are deprived of family, education and forced to live in poor conditions. Such vulnerable and helpless children are known as the orphans in Uganda.

Education is birth right to children in Uganda and it is very important in their lives. Uganda has many human right bodies and organization that work in welfare to these orphaned children. It is always better to make them aware of how education can bring a fresh breathe in their life. And it is more important to take steps of making sure they get proper education in a healthy environment. Orphans should be given equal opportunity to study just like the normal students.

There multiple NGOs working hard to see that orphans in Uganda get equal opportunities. NGOs like Love Uganda foundation help the orphans in Uganda by giving them admission in schools, giving them books, uniforms, school fees among others. These makes them feel they are supported and loved. In addition, it is very vital to make them aware of their rights, so that they can raise their voices incase they face any unpleasant incident.

The orphans need a stunning home and family. This is why Love Uganda foundation has its children’s home in Kalagi where orphans in Uganda become one family under one roof. In Islam a quote says; a house which welcomes orphans and where they are treated with love and affection is considered as the best house of all. Meaning a house that has no love and affection for deprived children of God is a worst house.

In the whole world, people work towards the welfare of children the young generation. Love Uganda Foundation works towards supporting and improving the lives of children in Uganda. The efforts of mother Teresa have spearheaded the changing of a million lives of children in Uganda and the world as well. Everyone nearly has some compassion for a young child.

To bring change in the lives of orphans in Uganda, we all have to work and act together, the government has to make permanent arrangements to bring a wholesome environment and also give equal opportunities to them. Yes it is equally important to educate orphans as any other normal children in Uganda.

Love Uganda Foundation is playing a great role in reaching out to the little orphaned children in Uganda. However that is not enough, government bodies have to increase their active participation in changing lives and empowering the next generation.

As Love Uganda Foundation, we are spreading the awareness in society to accept orphans and also give them love and care fairly just like any other.

Still volunteering with us at the orphanage in Kalagi, allows you build the children in Uganda. Help in cooking, washing and even preparing the kids for school. Play, sing and dance with them in their free time after school, you can never know what the simple love and care can do to a little soul.

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