Community Outreach

Community Outreach Program

With our community outreaches, we reach out to various hurting communities in the further rural areas of Uganda and empower them with various life aspects. With our team ever ready on ground, we are in position to identify such communities and avail them with educative and sensitization programs so as to improve on their standards of living. Alongside these educative programs, we as well donate basic life materials to the people as a way to encourage and support this cause of empowerment.

Community Outreach Program mainly emphasizes on improving a community’s state of welfare basing on the needs of the vulnerable categories of people under our care. These people include widows, orphans and the disabled.

When visiting a community, we conduct workshops that educate masses about health matters, business growth and poverty eradication programs. We do emphasize practical sessions by showcasing live examples where needed, also we do involve our very own past experiences and sometimes testimonies from other communal dwellers/leaders who play a significant role in sensitizing these masses.

Community Outreach Program therefore is a one way to tap our major objective of empowering our generation. It enables us extend our generosity and love to people in our communities and thereby be a motivation to many hurting lives.

We have seen a great positive impact within our community outreach program, through the various testimonies we have received from the people we have engaged. Not only has it benefited the spiritual, social ways of people in these communities but as well has improved on the economical status of the people.

It is therefore our prayer and request that you will join us and support this cause that we may ensure a better world for every person in our planet today.

Donate or sponsor an orphan today and together lets save and empower the next generation.

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