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September 23, 2019

Women in Uganda on receiving clothes from Love Uganda Foundation

How to give Charitably in Uganda

Have you ever thought about doing charity in Uganda? Well, be glad that we are presenting to you some of the ways through which you can support the causes close to your heart. Charity in Uganda does not necessarily mean donating only money to the needy but can as well be done through very many different ways.

Remember that a person who donates willingly and happily reaps more benefits than the one who donates under pressure or with the expectation of being rewarded. Charity in Uganda is therefore referred to as, the voluntary giving of help to those in need or the act of giving to others that which belongs to you.

You don’t have to be with a lot to donate, you can still get involved through other forms of charity work and make a big difference to people in need of your help.

Some people have put their skills to use. Several world changers with computer skills, reading skills, local literacy and many others opt to volunteer in Uganda just to teach the little children and the illiterate people in the local communities of the country.

You can as well use your voice to solicit aid that can be used to improve on the living standards of the needy children through using social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter, tumblr  and pinterest. You can go as far as visiting your former schools and explaining to them the need to support your interest or even reaching out to big organization’s to provide support to the poor children in Uganda.

You can still donate toys that your children no longer love or use such as dolls, play cards to also bring happiness to the new generation of kids. The African child also deserves to play the modern way other than the “hide and seek” games they are used to.

Have seen people considering to donate used furniture such as kitchen tables, cupboards, chairs and other things. Remember an orphanage is a real home where lovely souls live. So it is no crime to donate furniture to our homes.

In addition to that, you can as  decide to just volunteer with any charity organization of your choice and spend a day with these disabled children feeding them, bathing them, washing for them, reading the bible or novel for them. Who knows? A single day with a disabled child would totally change his life.

Still discussing the ways through which you can engage in doing charity in Uganda, you can also donate clothes to the local communities. Sending used clothes to poor families, war like areas, disaster stricken areas and poor schools would be a life changing activity that you wouldn’t understand its value until you witness the smiles of the people when receiving the clothes.

Take part in a charity run since it is a great social event  which makes you feel great both physically and emotionally. Besides building your self esteem that you ran for a good cause, it also helps you work out to keep physically feet and keep in good shape.

Even though giving money is typically the main way through which many people extend gratitude to those in need, there are very many more costless ways through which we can help change lives and empower the next generation.

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