Disabled children of Uganda – CHRISTMAS Party at Kampala School for the disabled

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December 2, 2017
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December 16, 2017

Disabled children of Uganda – CHRISTMAS Party at Kampala School for the disabled

Christmas is a world-wide celebration that not only bonds together families or communities or nations with the joy of festivity, but also expresses the strongest ingredient of love which is generosity, the act of extending care and love through giving.
Love Uganda Foundation with its heart of generosity once again looks forward to being a blessing to many people this festive season

It was a special moment for both the children alongside their facilitators always termed as aunties and uncles as they played together. The Love Uganda foundation celebrated this year’s Christmas party with the Kampala school for physically handicapped. The kids were so happy to appoint of dancing like they are not disabled. Some were dancing whiling lying down because of not being able to stand. This kids were multiple talented. There was one who knew how to dance and sing the free style rap. He even composed a song there thanking love Uganda foundation, jaikins and other people who were around.

Love Uganda Foundation was celebrating birthdays of the November and December babies plus Christmas. There it was 2 in 1 and there were 4 cakes 2 for the birthdays and 2 for Christmas celebration.

The kids enjoyed the praise session because the ant Sandra did whatever she can to make them happy by jumping, singing, running, she even made them come in to help her in dancing it was really fun for them. In the sermon session Uncle Joshua in a powerful and courage word in Luke 18:16. For sure the kingdom of heaven belongs to the young kids because these kids are disabled but they sing with joy, love. Please God continue blessing them.

LUF members also entertained this kids, auntie Sandra and uncle Nata sang for this kids and they felt honored because we made there day so special. They enjoyed cakes, sweets, drinks, biscuits and so many others. For sure it was a Christmas party.

We thank Tuyambe, our partner which is based in Germany for the good job they did in order for this event to take places. May God bless you. We call upon everyone who wants to volunteer or donate to love Uganda foundation please you are welcome the door is open. No matter how small your donation is feel free to send it because it can change some one’s life and future.

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