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Donations refer to something that someone gives to a charity or organization in need. These are gifts for humanitarian aid to benefit a good cause.

Donations in Uganda are in various forms of donations such as money, services, clothing, toys, food, and vehicles. Medical needs such as blood donation, organ transplant, vaccinations. Gifts in kind are the charitable donations of goods or services.

Types of donors

Prospects, refer to people who have not yet donated to the cause but they are prime candidates who support the organization in some way. These people make sure they receive mails of your newsletters quarterly maybe when the right pieces come together they may try to donate anything to the mission of the organization.

Individual donors, refer to people or families who donate through volunteering, penny drives, and also endowments. Families and individuals willingly give their money to organizations for many reasons. Let’s say religion, personal satisfaction, societal obligation, and emotional stake in the cause. Individuals’ drive to donations is the connection they feel to the organization.

They respond better to individual stories and testimonials not the strength and weaknesses of the project proposal. These individual donations are unrestricted funding to non-governmental organizations. They can cover core costs as other donors may be unwilling to pay for.

A major donor is a person who makes a gift that has a significant impact on the fundraising organization. It might take years for a major donor to donate but once they give it’s in big sums. It may happen annually or during special campaigns. It’s like raising the price of the gift to a higher price and its purpose is to build relationships with the community people and the organization.

There are ways how to identify the major donor;

  • Segment your database
  • Study the past giving
  • Analyze real estate ownership
  • Utilize the board

Corporate donations promote the contribution of its objectives through financial contributions made by a corporation to another organization. There are two major kinds of corporate donations for example charitable and political donations. These should be the key donors in the organization’s development plan.

Choosing and identifying corporations are tasked by the board to whom the mission would appeal. Corporations don’t donate on their own or for the owner’s sake so the missions should be well explained to the corporations and employers

Foundations, private foundations are money put aside by a person, family for donation purposes. They fall under a tax-free status that requires them to give away a certain amount of money to charities.

Foundation gives where it’s interested in and opens a grant proposal once or twice a year when an organization can ask for funding. Some foundations do not offer to fund capital campaigns and fewer tend to offer to fund the day-to-day business of the organization.

There are so many things to donate in Uganda;

  • Financial donations; organizations get credit or check cards. It’s the simplest way to donate to charity with a monetary donation.
  • This is the most popular type of donation contribution and it’s a great way to give back to the community and get rid of any extra clutter in homes. These include men’s clothing (jeans, coats, shirts, athletic wear, sleepwear) women’s clothing, and kid’s clothing.
  • Most charities accept shoes and bags from school shoes to sandals, bags range from school backpacks to luggage.
  • People also donate kitchenware. These include plants, bowls, saucepans, teaspoons, glasses, and cups.
  • People in the communities get donations of reading books and other books. These books should be in a decent condition to enable those who receive the books to read them.
  • Donations of toys and games. Most of the charities made are to help orphans and vulnerable children
  • The charity also accepts linens (blankets, comforters, sheets, towels, and table cloths) these should be of good quality before you decide to give them to charity.
  • Donations of hygiene essentials (shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste and brush, pads, soap, and diapers). These help people to stay clean and flesh all the time.
Ways to donate

Below are some of the ways how to donate in Uganda.

One can donate to charity through online giving. It’s a fast-growing method to be used by people around the globe although it’s not often used.

Using checkbooks to donate to charity is the most common one. It’s simple and more direct than handing over credit cards to an online donation form.

Through sponsoring a child is also a way to donate in Uganda. This will help in the child’s welfare, education of the child and also cater for the basic needs of the child.

In a nutshell, donations in Uganda help in overcoming the problems of the people they are facing in terms of health, empowerment, education, and poverty eradication.

Let’s support the orphans at Love Uganda Foundation with these donations and the community as well.




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