Orphans in Uganda
December 22, 2020
January 24, 2021
Orphans in Uganda

Ending violence of orphans in Uganda therefore is a no governments fight alone but the general public as a whole

Did you know that most abuses and violence against orphans in Uganda is never documented and reported? This however is being brought about by the social cultural and political values as well as the social stigma. With this, the growing number of orphans being abused at  school, community, institutional and back on the family level increases each day that passes. Violence against orphans can range from physical, psychological, sexual, neglect, exploitation and emotional abuse.

A lot of efforts and ideas have been built by the government, social partners, NGOs and individuals in the community to put an end on violation of orphans. Nonetheless, loopholes and gaps in implementation of policies and programs still remain. Issues and questions of what should be done to end this still stands

A lot of reports claim that orphans are most abused by those they are near to or live with. Relatives in his case have continued to lead the lists of groups that violate the rights of these orphans however, orphanages have as well been named in the places where orphans are violated, denied their rights and instead exploited.

Violence against orphans can only be ended with specific intervention basing on the reasons and causes of this violence. For instance, with exploitation of orphans by the orphanages that look after them, can be done through registration of the orphanages by the government to be directed and controlled by the government laws. This will reduce fake companies and orphanages in Uganda that exploit these innocent children.

Orphans in Uganda

Orphans in Uganda 

More to that, communities have to participate and actively engage themselves in this issue for they are the people on the ground and can effectively and efficiently help these orphans acquire their rights. We emphasize communities because they are the homes of these children and where all acts happen so it’s a strategic place to build a foundation for putting a stop on tis violation. This intervention will bring awareness not only to the communities alone but also the children that are being affected.

It also goes back to nurturing of families and the environment. Ecological theorists emphasize that environment influences behavior. If therefore we are nurtured in a good environment, we shall instead care for these children instead of violating them. This will hence call for modifying the violent environments and making them better places to live in.

Addressing of inequalities will as well be a great intervention and innovation. Most of the violence seen in communities ranges from the gender to racial inequalities. Therefore if such inequalities are addressed not only in homes but also at schools, orphans will live a better life and in a more secure way.

Legal framework has to be ensured for this will limit actions that lead to orphan violence like abusing of drugs by the care takers. Laws will provide a prohibition to enable these people to stay sober which will help them not to turn violent. Ensuring of laws will effectively bring harmony in families and communities.

Ending of social-cultural and economic in inequalities that creates a gap between orphans and other children. This will eventually reduce the gap and put all children at the same level and hence get equal opportunities, facilitation and care from the communities and care takers.

It is therefore evident that orphans in Uganda suffer a lot of challenges and inequalities that range from social to economic, cultural and political. Intervention has been done to end this act of orphan suffering although most government policies have not been fully implemented and therefore not worked.

Ending violence of orphans in Uganda therefore is a no governments fight alone but the general public as a whole. For it is this orphan suffering today that will bring a significant change tomorrow. Communities should stand out and fight for the rights of the innocent orphans suffering at the hands of ruthless people.

Every orphan has a right to live free from violence for each one of them is like any other child. As the policy makers and decisions makers formulate policies that protect orphans, community members should spearhead the fight because they are well versed with the various challenges these children are facing.

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