Get Involved

Get Involved

You can get involved today and support Love Uganda Foundation works. Be part of the life changing and transformation of many of the Ugandan Orphaned children.

There are four major ways on how you could Get Involved with supporting Love Uganda Foundation;

  1. Visit and Volunteer with Us
  2. Raise Awareness of this cause from your respective destination
  3. Safari With Us / tour with our Safaris Company
  4. Sponsor a child at our orphanage
  5. Donate materials/stuff to support the children.

Get involved today and secure Africa’s next generation.

For more information regarding how you could get involved, kindly write to us at



Sharing is caring. Please join Love Uganda Foundation to put more than a smile on the faces of orphans and vulnerable children under our care. You can make this possible by donating to us either in cash or gifts – in – kind.

For gifts in kind, please reach us through, and for donations in cash, donate here.

Via mobile money using: +256772633920 or +256712157128 or +256708618448. (All in the names of KYEYUNE ROBERT).



Love Uganda Foundation presently supports 20 orphans at our orphanage in Kalagi and other 300 vulnerable children under our external program. To effectively support the wellbeing of the 320 children, it takes at least $50 per month to cater for an orphan at the orphanage and $30 per month to support a vulnerable child under our external program.

You can therefore support a vulnerable child under our care through sponsorship.



Love Uganda Foundation partners with different organizations and persons in the quest to achieve the vision of changing lives and empowering the next generation.

You can partner with us in our different projects, activities as well as programs to achieve the goal of promoting and advancing the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable Children through empowering lives and transforming communities. Click here for details.



There are many ways to give, and volunteering is one of them. As a team, we strongly believe that for one to have an immense experience and a touch of transformation, he or she ought to take a step in coming physically and participating in the life changing activities being carried out on grounds by Love Uganda Foundation.

Volunteering is the baseline of what many of our visitors participate in, with activities ranging from outreaches, missions, extending care to the children at the orphanage center, educating and carrying out sensitization. All these are part of our volunteering schedules/activities.

An Open Invitation

Come alongside us on a mission trip to help support many of our various programs and activities. You could also offer to come as an individual to help train and provide care to our children; or as medical team to treat and provide health services to patients at the center; as a construction team to help build infrastructures ranging from schools, children homes, medical centers, water supply systems at the center; or even as a mission team to evangelize and educate our children and the community at large about God and many life values.

We do emphasize missions and outreaches to communities of which could be a great and an important journey of a remarkable experience as an individual.

Sign up today by filling in our volunteer’s form and be part of a life transformation story.



You can also support the Love Uganda Foundation activities by having a safari with our partner company Love Uganda Safaris. The safari company was established with the main objective of sustaining the foundation activities; therefore, by having a safari with us, you are automatically supporting the Foundation activities as 40% of the proceeds from Love Uganda Safaris are directly geared towards supporting the orphans at the Love Uganda Orphanage in Kalagi and the whole of the organization activities.

Our indigenous tour agency Love Uganda Safaris is fully a registered and licensed tour operator in Uganda; with the goal of supporting our nonprofit organization, dedicated to empowering orphans through Love Uganda Foundation Charity Organization.

For more information on how to safari with us, visit or contact us through



One great thing that you may give these vulnerable children is access.

You can do this by raising awareness about the different activities, programs and projects that are carried out by Love Uganda Foundation and in so doing ,you avail an opportunity for those within your circle to join us in empowering the next generation.

Give your time by creating awareness among your friends, family, workmates or classmates about Love Uganda Foundation and how they can get involved in achieving its mission and vision.



Support Love Uganda Foundation by starting a fundraising campaign on your own.  After learning about the diverse ways in which we are empowering the next generation, you can choose a cause, start a fundraising page of your own and spread the impact by reaching your friends, family and society to give to that particular cause.

For more information on starting a fundraising campaign, look through our projects and contact us through about the particular program you are interested in.


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