March 9, 2019
March 16, 2019

Been thinking of volunteering in Uganda, but still asking yourself how beneficial will your act be to the people and communities in Uganda? The answer is absolutely yes, you are going to impact orphans in Uganda, and see how?

Having gone through many difficult situations like wars, diseases and so many others, Uganda nearly became a vulnerable country. These circumstances led to the loss of many lives of parents leaving countless orphans.

The orphans go through a number of hardships causing some of them to end up on the streets. A few are blessed to be adopted and transferred to any orphanage like Love Uganda Foundation home in Kalagi.

In such homes, there are a number of programs for volunteering in Uganda that have greatly impacted the lives of orphans in Uganda. There is simply no specific qualification needed for one to join and volunteer in any orphanage in Uganda.

However being flexible, patient, passionate and with love for the children is a must to be able to volunteer in Uganda, particularly in an orphanage. Some of the programs include;

Tutoring in the English language and other subjects to the children in the orphanages as well as the community schools. Uganda has multiple languages people speak due to the different cultures comprised in it. But that shouldn’t scare you to volunteer in Uganda because English is the official language and it is the only language used in schools.

There many gaps you can fill in an orphanage as a volunteer. Think of helping the children with their homework, coaching them in English and mathematics, washing clothes, cooking food, fetching water, the list is simply endless. The more you work with them, it helps them to learn how to speak English fluent.

The volunteer programs for Love Uganda Foundation have impacted the development of the orphan’s dream career at the orphanage. As a volunteer you guide them on what they are supposed to do to achieve their dreams. And also practicing with them what they love doing like fine Art, games, music plus so many others.

Development of children’s talent as these volunteers stand for the academic prosper of the orphans, still most of the resting hours is for fun times where they nurture the children’s talent. This is done through organizing activities like games, sing-a-longs and music, dance and drama and other creative skills making the kid perfect in his/her God given talent.

Still as a volunteer you can encourage, motivate, and give them hope and restoration words to the children in the Orphanage. Though many orphans in Uganda reach extend of losing hopes and focus but with the help of volunteers, many orphan’s hope has been restored.

However, you may also prefer to go an extra mile and donate food, clothes, shoes, scholastic materials, pads, medical kits, money and so many others to the Uganda orphans.

Undoubtedly, volunteering programs in Love Uganda Foundation have created more positive impact in the lives of orphans in Uganda than even the listed above. This organization is creating opportunities for volunteers to rescue and empower the next generation.

Most people think that to volunteer you need to be with time, but you just have to create time for it. Even if you only have one day, it is enough for you to make a difference in the life of an orphan. Let’s make this world a better place for the vulnerable children in Uganda.






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