July 8, 2019
Children in Uganda
August 8, 2019

However, with Love Uganda foundation, we are still firm on our first and mainest vision of changing lives and empowering the next generation. Not only through the empowerment of the orphans in Uganda, but also the needy and poor children, women as well as the disabled people.

This time we stormed St Jude Primary school in Nakasozi Buddo, a small government school that is struggling to move on as well as not leaving behind the little future of the innocent poor children who study from here.

Nothing is as touching as seeing a struggling teacher sacrificing all he or she has to ensure that the poor children in Uganda have better education and an empowered future. It’s the true love that you can ever watch given to someone not family.

Just like always said, we all don’t need to have a lot but a committed heart to change lives. Looking into the most hurting communities within the surroundings of Kampala for whom we would give a little but the best that we could afford, St. Jude Primary school Nakasozi Buddo holding about 213 pupils from the rural areas n ear the school’s boundaries was the school we chose to bless.

Note that we didn’t visit St Jude primary school because we had so much to give out, perhaps we also needed some of the things that we gave out. But it was because nothing tastes sweeter than changing lives.

We spent some ample time with the St. Jude Primary school community sharing with the headmistress, talking about the challenges they go through and how best we would work together so that we touch and change so many lives of the poor children in Buddo.

The outreach to St Jude Buddo was not only targeted to the little poor children, but also to the female staff of the school the fact Love Uganda foundation also aims at empowering the women in Uganda. We gave ladies women clothes, ”bitegis”, and bags. This might seem small to you, but we left the staff just yearning for us to go back atleast every month. How we wish we could make it, to put huge smiles on the faces of these women in Uganda who have given up on their lives just to educate the poor children.

At a later time, we requested to meet the nursery pupils who were excited and happy to receive us. Singing smiles and happiness were accompanied by the introduction of our members. We are entitled to put smiles on the little poor children in Uganda, bring back the hopes and make them feel loved.

We shared the package we had for the little ones, including scholastic materials, clothes and toys that left everyone in class overwhelmed about the good act.

The poor children were empowered by the encouraging words that would be motivational words throughout the course of the academic term. Yes! Even if we did not give them the best they needed, we gave them the best we had. Bravo!!

Donating is a charitable activity that not everyone can take on, it only takes people with huge hearts, those who hurt when others are not well, those who love to see a community filled with happy people These are the only ones that have come up to join our charity activities.

You can also join this long journey that Love Uganda Foundation started way back to change lives and empower the next generation. Give in whatever you have, whether clothes, scholastic materials, food, shoes or bags. A single pair of shoes would mean the whole life to a poor child in Uganda, you never know.

You can also still choose to sponsor a child in Uganda, remember education is one key solution to the absolute poverty in Uganda.  You would sponsor the next big generational woman.

Charity never chooses anyone, you choose to do charity.

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