Schools Outreach Missions in Uganda

Schools Outreach Missions

Schools Outreach Missions focus on building and empowering on-going school children with life skills and positive values in life through teaching Godly character among the children accompanied with various social life aspects for example Health and Sanitation, Abstinence, Purity, and English language as an official medium of communication. We do conduct these sessions in most primary schools. Where a group of our volunteers alongside the school teachers in that particular school. To train students practically relating the above. Based on children’s ages, we do classify the students in workshops regarding their ages to enable trainers or volunteers to be in a position to teach the students very well.

Our school’s Outreach Missions happens once every after 2months. We partner with a particular school upon seeking their permission. We are given a date which we do come and carry out our activities with the students.

Our school Outreach program does not segregate schools in regards to denominational backgrounds or according to ability. We offer our services freely of charge to the respective schools.

Schools Outreach Missions in Uganda
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