ROTARACT CLUB of Kampala Ssese Islands Visits Love Uganda Orphanage

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ROTARACT CLUB of Kampala Ssese Islands Visits Love Uganda Orphanage

Have you ever experienced a moment so exciting and pleasing that your memory keeps on bringing it back to you every minute that you spend. This was it on 8TH October 2017 at Love Uganda Foundation home, located at Kalagi village in Mukono district. The LUF lovely kids were simply so amazing. Seeing them do their cultural dances and touching songs was a tremendous moment. Frankly speaking, these kids are exceedingly gifted.

Just on entering their home gate, you immediately feel at home with their warm welcome and lively smiles that they give you. It is simply too beautiful spending time with these once orphaned children. With them you realize how life is so beautiful even without parents but with lovely people like those of LUF.

In the celebration of the 50 years of their existence, the Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese Islands chose to bless us on 8th October through their visit to our home in Kalagi village as one of the ways they could give back to the community. You know being visited is a sign that you are loved, this club showed some love to our young kids and this didn’t leave them the same way.

Honestly they felt loved and they are still grateful until now. Having received gifts from this youth club of sailors, our kids also gave back to them through their energetic performances that left the visitors totally delighted. The team felt very happy and honored that they couldn’t hold but to get up and dance alongside them.

Truthfully, the Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese islands hugely gave to us on that day starting from the lunch that the kids ate. The lunch was one of these kinds that can leave you leaking your fingers. For real our children had a day to remember and a story to tell. Love Uganda foundation team greatly thank Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese Island for the delicious meal, drinks plus the fruits that LUF children enjoyed on that day. The Rotaract Kampala club of Ssese island team was really touched by the stories about the children that were told to them by the LUF member that it decided to sponsor some of our children at the home.

We as the Love Uganda Foundation don’t have a better way of giving back to you guys for your love and support other than our heartfelt prayers for divine achievements in all your dreams. We shall always be grateful for the awesome day that we spent with the Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese Islands.

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