February 16, 2022
March 8, 2022
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sponsorp a child at Love Uganda Foundation

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Mathew 19:14. Love Uganda Foundation envisions promoting and advancing the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children. Through empowering lives and transforming communities with a holistic approach in Education, Spiritual Growth, and Social development.  A sponsored child will be able to get censorious health care of a child. Nutritional supplements and clean water, job-skills training to the child. To help in the local community’s economy plus safe recreation and learning opportunities that will be made in a church-based  program.

Promoting children’s rights is key and must be protected. As per the Uganda constitution of 1995 and the United Nations Convention on the rights of children. These rights include the right to health, right to education, and right to protection from exploitation, and the constitution also states that if a child is an offender should be kept in lawful custody and shall be kept separately from the adult offenders.

Love Uganda Foundation honors children’s ‘rights. It ensures that children have a play area, is educated, lives in a supportive environment, and, attain good health care for the wellbeing and general development of the child. These are divided into internal and external programs. It caters to around 22 vulnerable children in their orphanage home located in Kalagi-Mukono. Caring for all the children has been possible through donations that help in sponsoring the child in terms of education, feeding, shelter, health, and clothing.

How to support a child by sponsor.

Sponsoring a child in Uganda for example at love Uganda Foundation Orphanage comes at a fee of 185,000 Uganda shillings and that’s about $50 per month for a child in primary school and around 370,0000 Uganda shillings are around $100 for secondary student students. This is possible and positively impacts a lasting provision for a child in an orphanage. This amount gives position to provide school fees, scholastic materials, food, shelter, clothing, and medical care for the child.

One can also support a child through the external program under the campaign “Keep an Orphan in School”. This applies to a single orphan who has lost one of their parents. “Keep an Orphan in School” campaign.  The child is not leaving in the orphanage but in the community with the family. And also geos for total orphans too who are looked after by relatives or community Samaritans and they are no longer in position to take care of the child plus those who are less privileged.

Necessities provided are education in form of school fees and scholastic materials and clothes. The children under the campaign are 300 children attaining education in primary and secondary local schools.

A primary school child goes for 111,000Ugx ($30) per month this covers the school fees, scholastic materials, and clothes plus healthcare. A secondary school child goes for 185,000Ugx ($50) per month and this gives school fees, scholastic materials, clothes, and healthcare.

If one is interested in sponsoring a child, he or she is given a chance to access the profiles of the child to be able to choose which child he or she would love to support. They are given chance to write letters to the child and reply to them. This enables good communication between the child and the sponsor.

Requirements needed for one to be able to sponsor a child are,

  1. Name of the sponsor it could be a company or an individual, address where one leaves, city of the country,
  2. State where one leaves, an email address for the person,
  3. Mobile contact in case there is a need to call for more information,
  4. The number of children one needs to sponsor,
  5. Donors country,
  6. Gender of the child to sponsor that is to say girls, boys, or both,
  7. Type of sponsorship: tuition or full sponsorship plus the date of birth.
  8. Sponsorship amount per year for the child,
  9. Total sponsorship per year, and the duration of the sponsorship,
  10. The duration of sponsorship.

It’s not easy to provide everything for the child as it’s a right for them but we can try our best to provide for them. In terms of education, health care, food. And this can be possible through sponsoring a child in Uganda.

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