Orphans in Uganda
April 18, 2021
Child Negligence
May 18, 2021

Street Children are just children, but traumatized, chronically neglected, physically and mentally abused and exploited children.  They can be helped and given a future away from the street.

These are not naughty children, criminals, nor dangerous individuals.  Many Street children do exhibit behavioral problems, aggression and substance abuse issues, but these are coping mechanisms of children who are in a great deal of psychological pain because Street Children are traumatized, children,  abandoned, orphaned, chronically neglected, physically, sexually and mentally abused children, children who are exploited by others to beg, for commercial exploitation and other things.

Every street child we know always wants to be back with his family, it’s just that they can’t because of the family situation or because being vulnerable they are being exploited and used by others.


  • Build positive relationships with children on the street, they need our care , concern and protection.
  • Gently encourage such children to return home or to go to the Homestead Intake Shelter.
  • Do not ignore them, report such children to your nearest police station or to your local Department of Social Development office. By law DSD and SAPS must respond to any children living, working or begging on the street. Follow up, by law anyone may fill out a form 22 to report a child living, working or begging on the street to DSD. By law church ministers, teachers and the like MUST report such children.
  • Do not move or take these children home, to your home, or to The Homestead. Only designated social workers and the police may remove a child without parental consent. The Homestead can only accept a child if they self-refer or from a police officer or a designated social worker with the correct paperwork.
  • Help u to give children the care, education and development they deserve. Support professional Children who live on the streets should be placed in foster care until they can be adopted. If a country doesn’t have a foster system they should set one up.
  • Financial support should be given to struggling families so that they can afford to care for their children.
  • A child welfare system should be set up if it doesn’t exist and improved if it does in order to better protect children. Teachers should be trained to recognize and report signs of abuse and neglect.
  • If possible recourses should be invested in mental health care and substance abuse treatment.
  • Public campaigns should be conducted to encourage parents to not throw their children out of the home for cultural reasons and comprehensive intervention services for street children, support The Homestead.
  • Talk to them in a positive tone, and inquire about their well-being. …
  • If the child looks distressed then report to local Child Welfare Committee or police. …
  • Volunteer at a Centre for street children. …
  • Donate to charity and do fundraising for NGOs. …
  • Campaign for NGOs.

In conclusion Street children have different mindset one trick work for one child where as flop for other if you really want to help a street child, first try to understand them from core. U can’t give money or food to them expecting your are helping them, but the outcome may differ from your thoughts. They just need a support that you can give in your individual capacity. Helping involves lots of courage, that u need to understand that you are not going to expect anything in return from them. Understand them. Have empathy for them but not sympathy.

To me the best help one can give to street children is that first understand them and respond to them.


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