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December 2, 2017
disabled children of Uganda
Disabled children of Uganda – CHRISTMAS Party at Kampala School for the disabled
December 14, 2017

The Ugandan Orphans – The Orphans Of Uganda | Poor Children In Uganda

When we say an orphan, we refer to a child without parents. Some have lost only one parent and those are half orphans, those who have lost both parents are the total orphans. All these orphans live in very dismal conditions due to a number of factors. Orphans in Uganda are
approximately 2.5 million according to UNICEF of which 1.2 million of them are orphaned as a result of AIDS. Accidents have also orphaned many children in Uganda. Serious diseases like cancer, cholera and tuberculosis usually kill many young and aged parents because medical
treatments are too expensive for those who are poor. This has also led to the increase in the
number of orphans in Uganda.

Other causes of the high mortality rates of Ugandans are relating to witchcraft and black magic, family disputes, killing others with the intention to better oneself etc. Nevertheless the results are similar; children are turned into orphans living alone as children in the world full of adults.
This makes them face numerous challenges in life, and the biggest is having no access to education. Education is not only very important to Ugandans, but to the world as a whole; it improves on the quality of life. It is the major key to a better future, and ultimately breaking the
poverty cycle in Uganda.

The orphans also often have improper nutrition since in most cases they fail to get the means to properly feed themselves. They lack of shelter and many of these children live homeless on the streets of major towns in Uganda or with other family relatives that do not provide
adequately for them. With their poor nutrition and unshelteredness, their health is highly exposed to danger, and due to the fact that they are just children, they are not very concerned about their health. Child labor is another challenge that beats the orphans in Uganda. Some of them look for jobs to escape their dire situations. All too often, they are exploited through all kinds of degrading and dangerous work.

This is why volunteering in Uganda is very vital as it gives chance to even the naturally unfavored, those who had to face the world as orphans to escape all those challenges and also live normal lives like other children, that way building a brighter future for them in his messing world

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