February 28, 2019
March 9, 2019

LUF children at the orphanage in Kalagi

Both you and I are called upon by God to care for the orphans in Uganda and anywhere else around the world. Young orphans in Uganda go through multiple overwhelming challenges. Whether you find yourself called to advocate, adopt or to donate financially, just go for it, we can all do something to better a life of a young orphan in Uganda.

Being young orphans in Uganda, they are one of the most vulnerable group. Falling sick with no one to run to, probably spending days and nights on the streets of Uganda cities begging for a coin to have something to eat. Or maybe missing school and having to sleep in trenches for a life time. It is simply unbearable.

These little ones get overwhelmed by all these difficulties they get to face at a very tender age. Sometimes even some suffer premature deaths, frustrations and depressions. This is the very reason why the young orphans in Uganda need care just like any other normal child in Uganda.

Talking about caring for the young orphans in Uganda, we should give a hand in restoring their health. All over the world, the orphan crisis has a direct physical impact on their lives. Some of the medical challenges facing the young orphans in Uganda include malnutrition, parasitic infections among others.

Falling outside the advocacy of a family greatly impacts negatively the young orphans in Uganda in regards to medical care. Most times medical resources are out of their reach. Children who experience early attachment injuries may also encounter developmental delays, struggle with failure to thrive among others. The handout of receiving the love and nurture is best provided through secure family attachments, it is the only best way to bring healing and restoration of the child’s mental, physical and emotional health.

Restore the Future of the young orphans in Uganda. The little orphans oftenly view their future with great optimism. Once a child is able to grow up in a protected, loving and nurture of secure environment, his future becomes a little bit brightened up. Caring for an orphan just like any other normal child allows him to develop healthy trust and attachment patterns that will provide a basis for all future relationships. Let’s all provide a safe place to consider the plethora of possibilities that the future holds for the young orphans in Uganda. The support, care and stability are a strong foundation that allows them to dream and explore what is possible and look at their future with hope.

Restore the orphans’ Education and cub illiteracy levels in Uganda. Even though some children impacted by the orphan crisis may continue to have access to education, the reality for most is that the hope of gaining an education and long term benefits that follow it are often very much at risk. Even in countries where basic education is provided through a stable educational system, children who are orphaned easily fall out of school. We uniquely influence and advocate for increased educational opportunities for the young orphans in Uganda as well as nurture a lifelong love of learning for a child at home and at school. You can also be part of this by simply sponsoring one child back to school in Uganda.

Restoring their hope; the greatest gift that a family gives is love, security and connection to a waiting child through adoption. Via the support and stability of a loving forever family, children can begin to heal and flourish within the security and firm foundation of a family. So Love Uganda Foundation comes with all the love and care to make the little orphans feel more peace to hope for a better life.

We are majorly aiming at changing lives, supporting lives and empowering the next generation. Just visit our website at www.loveugandafoundation.org to join us as we positively impact thousands of lives of young orphans in Uganda.

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