Our Projects

Our Projects section does emphasize on future prospects within the foundation needed to be achieved and attained, clearly stating all our proposals in a particular section. Under the projects still, we do have a section that explains more about our External programs currently run within the foundation.

Project Proposals

This section contains both current and future proposals concerning both the internal and external plans to achieved within the foundation. Within this section is contained detailed proposals of every foundation plan.

Internal Proposals:

These are basically proposals regarding plans or prospects within the Childcare ministry/Orphanage.

External Proposals:

These are basically proposals regarding missions which are basically community outreaches. Among these missions include, schools outreaches, street children outreaches, widows empowerment, girl child education, Disabled program.

This section involves 2 categories; Our currently running projects under the name Charity Activity Projects; being conducted from the various regions of Uganda where the need within the communities has been identified by our social work team. Then the other category, involves our future projects which consists of proposals and future prospects.

Charity/Love Activity Projects

As the name sounds, thus section contains charity activities which aim at empowering our communities through sensitisations and educative sessions dedicated to improve on the welfare being of the people within these communities.

These charity programs fall under the theme “Charity Activity Projects” and dedicated to extend love, care and support by being generous to the vulnerable and hurting communities around us. Charity Activity Project is a continuous activity after its launch where we continuously reach out or provide for the identified hurting community ranging from the social, physical, economical and spiritual needs of the people.

Among the emphasized campaigns in this activity is; organizing workshop sessions where the locals are trainned in various skills to enable them earn a living, widows and elderly empowerment through donating household materials, donating sanitary materials to girls in schools through “Keeping a girl child in school campaign”, donating school fees to totally orphaned children through our “Keep an Orphan In School Campaign”, among other benefiting campaigns.

Batwa Ruhijja Charity Activity

Gulu Charity Activity

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Testimonies & Feedback

  • nagasaki
    Akihiro Nagasaki

    I shared the best moments in my life with the children at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage. It was amazing and i look forward to coming back. I call upon other members from allover the world to join hands and support these children through; prayer, donations, sponsorship, etc.

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  • Cathy Oswald
    Cathy Oswald

    I Cathy Oswald, had a good moment with the children at the Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage. I enjoyed praying and worshiping with them and it was quite awesome. Great thanks to McMillan the warm welcome he showed to me. I got a moment i cannot forget at any one time.The safari was also wonderful.

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    I loved staying with the kids at the Orphanage. It made my summer holiday great. Sara is an amazing girl. She was always cheerful and loved playing all the time. I will really miss them all until I return to Uganda. The Trip you gave me to Murchison also made my holiday amazingly good. I will always talk about you whenever am given an opportunity especially in my Church here in the States. Thanks to love Uganda safaris management for putting up such a foundation which takes care of the ...

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    My visit to the orphanage foundation is the best thing I have ever done in my life. The foundation has beautiful and well-behaved children who like to share with everyone. While there, I had a great time to spending 2 weeks with the amazing children who enabled me to experience the best African experience. I remember Frank, an orphan at the foundation who had the greatest smile ever; I enjoyed the African food which was very sweet and fresh fruits from the garden. The trip organized for me by Emma ...

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    I came to Uganda for a safari but I was grateful to find such a friendly company from you. Taking me to your Orphanage was like a dream come true because me and children you cannot separate us. I had 6 months to spend in Uganda and I had no idea how I would spend all that time until you introduced me to the Orphanage where I was able to learn more and also carry out of the voluntary activities at the orphanage. (more…)

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    At the time when I contacted you, I had two mindsets. One mindset told me that I would land on con men like I had done before. But on the contrary, I got to prominent guys whose dream is to influence the next generation. I was motivated by all that you do. Taking care of Orphans and Widows is seen as not very important in the eyes of many, you are however, different. I was glad that my first donation helped kids to get clothes. I will always send in ...

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    My son and I had a good time sharing moments with everyone at the Foundation. I was especially glad to see the much you treasure in having young orphans live a normal life with education, health, shelter and above all, good social life that most orphans tend to lack. The care you give to them is tremendous. Also, I want to appreciate the way you are grooming them with Christianity, teaching them to know God. It is very important. I was surprised that you also contain Muslims under your care ...

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    It was a great pleasure when Emmanuel introduced me to the orphanage foundation which takes care of many children from different backgrounds. The foundation had many projects which I participated in like the agricultural project which helped me to learn how to grow banana and harvest it. The children at the orphanage are given bright future through supporting them to attain education. I am really missing you guys hope to come again soon with more of my friends. Since I was in Uganda on a volunteering role, I enjoyed going ...

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