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Sponsor an Orphan - Sponsor a Child in Uganda - Make a diiference

Sponsoring a Child is a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need.

you’ll help that child and other vulnerable children in their community to stand tall, free from poverty.

As you communicate with one another through letters, pictures, and words of encouragement, you give an orphan hope that will last a lifetime. Sponsor an Orphan today! To read more about the child, simply click on the picture.

Every image describes an orphan who is in desperate need of a sponsor. Which child will you decide to support?

Sponsor Information

Start a Child Sponsorship Now!

Love Uganda Foundation Child Sponsorship Program can link an orphan living in poverty with your tax-deductible monthly donation of just $50.

Your contribution offers:

  1. medical examinations, which normally save lives
  2. healthful food
  3. training in health, hygiene, and quality skilling
  4. educational support
  5. mentoring Children to discover their potential in life.
  6. Supporting quality skilling of Children.

When you support an orphan, you’ll get a child sponsorship letter, personal story, and photo of your sponsored child via email.

The excitement that children experience when they get to know that they have been sponsored is beyond words. It matters more than you can realize to know that someone cares on the other side of the world.

Sponsoring a Vulnerable orphan will have a significant impact on both the future of the child you are sponsoring and your own life.

Please join us today and sponsor an Orphan!

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