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Love Uganda Foundation partners with different organizations and persons in the quest to achieve the vision of changing lives and empowering the next generation. You can partner with us in our different projects, activities as well as programs to achieve the goal of promoting and advancing the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable Children through empowering lives and transforming communities.

Below are examples of our projects that are ongoing. 

In the first place, we have the LUF Activity Project which involves

  • Keep An Orphan In School. This covers 3300 children which are divided into groups of two; internal and external groups. The external program has 300 children and the internal program has 30 children who leave at the orphanage. 
  • Empower women and the elderly
  • Combat early girl child marriages and pregnancies.

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Secondly, it’s the External program which covers the children that leave with their parents, relatives, or guardians. Get to know more about the project by following the link

Lastly, which is the LUF childcare/Orphanage home. This is where the orphans in the internal program live and are cared for. Read more through the link


Our current partners are 

Become a corporate partner.

Love Uganda Foundation welcomes all kinds of businesses and corporations to forge impactful partnerships that may be incorporated into the cultures of each organization, in implementing the greater good of empowering the next generation. Your business or corporation can support our mission through gifts-in-kind, funding, intellectual support, knowledge, and caring. Together we can work to make the lives of orphans and vulnerable children colorful and jolly.”

“To learn more about the corporate partnership, contact

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