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Luf Education Program

Our Luf  Education Program has been running in Kalagi- Nakanyonyi for now 6 years under the Project of “KEEPING OVCs IN SCHOOL”. The program has so far impacted 30 Orphans and Vulnerable Children where 10 of them have progressed from Primary level to Secondary level. And we hope to help more children in this area.

Love Uganda Foundation is looking upon extending the “Keeping OVCs in School” project to other areas of Gulu and Katete-Mukono to impact more 300 Vulnerable and Orphaned Children.  SPONSOR A CHILD IN AFRICA TODAY!!

This Program and the Project at large have been categorized into two categories (External Program and Internal/Children’s home program) so that Love Uganda Foundation can be in a position to reach out to all kinds of OVCs.


Under this program, we support the education and Quality Youth Skilling programs for Orphans and Vulnerable Children while in their home areas and we as well empower their guardians or parents for sustainability of the other siblings of the children under our Luf Education Program.


Under this Program, we support the lives of homeless children in Uganda, children facing domestic Violence in families, and children that have been abandoned & Orphaned Children who are mistreated/abused by their guardians. And we support them with shelter, food, education, clothing, and medical care through sponsorship. What we receive from sponsorship is what helps to empower their lives and provide all the essential needs of life.

When you sponsor a child in any of the above programs, you will receive a child’s photo, story, and sponsorship letter via email.

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Learn more to see the testimonies and the Quality youth skilling program of the children under the program.

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Sponsor a child in Africa-Uganda today through Love Uganda Foundation and create an everlasting difference in the lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Africa- Uganda. Exchange letters, photos, and words of encouragement with your sponsored child, as this makes them feel loved and restores hope in their lives.

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