Children’s Welfare

Children’s Welfare

Welfare has to do with the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group. Within the children`s welfare program, Love Uganda Foundation caters for the needs of  322 children ranging from education, feeding, medical care, shelter as well as clothing.

  • Twenty Two of the 322 Orphan  children under Love Uganda Foundation`s care are accommodated at the Love Uganda Orphanage in Kalagi. At the orphanage, we provide a home for our children after being approved by the government authorities basing on the child’s status or condition. The child is then initiated into our family setting from which they are made to belong, under the care of a motherly figure. There is emphasis on the proper moral upbringing of the children at the orphanage, paying key attention to their mental upbringing, physical welfare as well as their spirituality. The other 300 children are vulnerable children living in single families under the care of single mothers who are unable to provide for them or orphans under the care of guardians or relatives.  Under the external project, Love Uganda Foundation is able to support them from within their different communities.
  • Education

Education is a human right for all children and failure to access and complete a cycle of basic, quality and

Orphans in Uganda

Ugandan Orphans

inclusive education, limits their future opportunities. Love Uganda Foundation is providing a platform for every orphan and other vulnerable children to attain an affordable and quality education. Through its internal and extern program where 322 children are beneficiaries, we are committed to ensure that SDG4 (Sustainable Development Goal 4) is achieved.

  • Medical Care.
  • Meals/feeding.
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