“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Love Uganda Foundation is a charitable non-government organization based in Uganda working tirelessly to change lives of children especially Orphaned childred, with offices located in Mukono district, Kalagi town – Nakanyonyi Village about 35 Kilometers from Kampala city.

Founded by the late Emmanuel MacMillan Kitumba in 2006, Love Uganda Foundation began as a small outreach ministry operating in both Kampala and Mukono districts by proving education sponsorship to 10 Orphans and Vulnerable Children in local schools in Mukono and Kampala districts. Emmanuel was passionate about helping needy people, especially children in his community – a dream he had since childhood.Orphaned Children in Uganda

McMillan asked his sponsor, Mr. Andrew McMillan, from whom he adopted the surname having helped him complete a course in Theology in 2008, “How best can I pay for what you have done for me?” Mr. Andrew instructed him to do to others what has been done to him.

And due to the increased number of Orphan children in Uganda who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDs, Accidents, and other diseases. These children especially orphaned Children were missing out on education and some children had become homeless due to domestic violence in relative families.

It is from here that the Late Emmanuel opened Love Uganda Foundation in (2012) to change lives and empower the next generation.

The Foundation was officially registered in 2014 as a Community-Based Organization (CBO) number 178298. In 2019, LUF was officially recognized as An Indigenous NGO by the government of Uganda with NGO Registration Number INDR141921543NB and Permit Number INDP0001543NB.

As the charity has aged, Its work has extended to helping vulnerable & Orphans Children, women and widows, people living with HIV/AIDs, Teenage mothers, and reaching out to elderly people.

The foundation has provided Vocational skills training to Vulnerable women, Teenage mothers, and widows, Starting Microfinance groups to help empower themselves financially, and helping elderly people with nutritious food and door-to-door medical assistance.

The foundation has an established Children’s home in Kalagi-Mukono district which currently accommodates more than 30 homeless children providing them with the basic needs of life like Education, Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Medical Care.

The Foundation’s most recent Project is to build a home for the homeless vulnerable, Orphan, and Street children in Uganda that can accommodate a minimum of 50 children with a school and a medical facility, to provide a suitable home for the homeless children in Uganda.

Our Vision

Promoting and advancing the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children through empowering lives and transforming communities with a holistic approach to Education, spiritual growth, economic and social development

Our Mission

  1. To give hope and support to vulnerable children especially Orphaned Children via a sponsorship program to have access to school fees, school requirements, and other essential needs like Food, shelter, clothing, and Medical care for the homeless children.
  2. To support/engage vulnerable women, teenage mothers, widows & youths in vulnerable communities in Uganda with income-generating skills through vocational training, business mentorship, and Capacity building.
  3. To provide a well-equipped infrastructure for Vulnerable and homeless children with a school to promote quality education to both children and adults.
  4. To implement health education programs that promote sanitation and hygiene among youths and young girls in vulnerable communities
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