How is Love Uganda Foundation (LUF) different from other charity organizations?

  • We never give up till that one individual’s life under our care is impacted positively.

How effective are you?

  • With our holistic approach, we have been in position to restore hope to the orphans by securing them shelters in which to live in, caring and extending support to them as they grow has been our most standing achievement. Reaching out to abandoned and hurting communities surrounding us and across the country has been part of our great tasks achieved.

How was LUF started?

  • LUF started in 2006 as an outreach program in the suburbs of Kampala and Mukono cities. It later got launched in 2012 after acquiring its first shelter in Kalagi, Mukono and officially got recognized by the government 2014 as a CBO later in 2019, Luf was recognized by the government as an indigenous NGO. The Late Emmanuel MacMillan Kitumba was the founder, he was called to meet the Lord on the 11th April 2016.

Are you a Christian Organization?

  • Yes, LUF is a Christian based organization born from the founder’s Christian belief to tackle poverty, diseases and orphans issue with a holistic approach as emphasized by the Holy Bible a number of times. What we do includes and embraces all peoples of other faiths and there is no requirement to be a Christian to be involved with LUF activities or to be a staff or to receive our support. LUF embraces everybody and anybody.

What other kinds of programs does LUF carry on apart from taking care of Orphans?

  • LUF also has an outreach program which we have classified as Community Outreach, here we do organize missions twice in a year and go identify hurting communities around the country and conduct various sessions which includes, medical checkups, sensitizations, donating basic materials, Environmental Conservation to mention but a few.

How does LUF spend its money?

  • We use 60% of the funds to support the children orphanage in Mukono, 30% on our External Program with initiatives including curriculum resources on active local children, leadership training workshops for children, Girl child education, widow’s health sensitization and business workshops, 5% on our governance and 5% on our fundraisings.

Who supports LUF programs?

  • LUF programs are mainly supported by our major sustainability project which is LUS (Love Uganda Safaris). 40% of the proceeds from the safaris are directed to support LUF activities. That’s how we are able to sustain the foundation.
  • Though we welcome any donation or grant to support LUF programs.

Can I sponsor a child?

  • Yes, you can sponsor a child in our orphanage or in the external Program. The more our sponsorship department grows, the more it avails us an opportunity to increase on the number of children under our care.
  • With as low as 50 dollars a month , you are in position to sponsor a child in our orphanage. The sponsorship fee includes Shelter, Medical Care, Food, Clothing and Education And from as low as 30 dollars a month, you can sponsor a child in our external program, this sponsorship fee covers Food, Clothing and Education.

I would love to donate money to a specific program, is that possible?

  • Sure, you can donate to a specific program under LUF. We are structured under 2 categories; internal and external. Internal basically is the Orphanage, External is the outreach programs we extend to our surrounding hurting communities around the country; in this are various programs which include; missions, women empowerment programs, outreaches, trainnings, sensitisations, poverty eradication schemes and sponsorships to the Children in the External program.
  • For more information on how to donate to a specific program, email us on or Whastapp on +256772633920.

How can I see the results of my contributions?

  • One of our core values as LUF is honoring our stakeholders and being transparent in all we do. If you donate to any of our programs, you receive periodic updates on the impact of your contribution and through our social media platforms you are in position to see the impact and results.

What is the best way to support?

  • You can sponsor a child or donate cash to support a program under our external program.

How else can I get involved?

  • By carrying out a safari with us under TRAVEL AND GIVE BACK with Love Uganda Safaris, by do so, you are indirectly contributing towards LUF because 40% of the proceeds from every safari transaction is towards LUF.
  • EVENTS. We currently have no running events but we would love to hear those wanting to run one themselves. If you would like to suggest or run an event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on /
  • For more ways on how to get involved, kindly visit our Get Involved page from our site.

Do you stay in touch with grant recipients or donors?

  • Our goal as an organization is to build strong partnerships and relationships with our donors. Our program manager consistently keeps in touch with our grant recipients to update and give them feedback on the progress and impact of their support towards LUF activities.

How do I stay in touch?

  • By subscribing to updates, either by email or post. You can also contact us directly here.

Can I visit the country or the program I am sponsoring?

  • Meeting the children and volunteering to help make the project a reality is an extremely rewarding experience both for children and the donor. We therefore welcome you, your visit will give you a chance to connect with the children you have been donating to and help you participate/volunteer in the activities that have been set to better their lives.
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