Sanitation And Healthcare

Mission; promoting improved standards of life by encouraging healthy living

Healthy living ranges from the diet consumed to the general lifestyle of an individual. Within the Sanitation and Health care program, we provide services to people in communities that directly link to the improvement of their health. This ranges from the Promotion of sanitation in communities, Sexual Reproductive Health, Menstrual hygiene, mental health awareness, and peer-to-peer learning. In line with SDG3 (Sustainable development Goal 3) of  the United Nations Development Program, Love Uganda Foundation seeks to ‘Promote good health and well-being.”


1. Luf Health Care Activity.

It came to our notice that there are limited hospitals in the areas of Kazinga, Lukyamu, Kakola, Nkakwa, Bunyiri, Kasala, Nkonge, and Kitana when we carried out a Dental Camp in Partnership with Reeves Medical Center.

Sanitation and Health care

Thousands of People in this area move up to 2 hours of walking to reach a hospital with standardized health services and they have to pay.

In an interview with one of the Vulnerable women in this area, she said that “Due to high poverty in these areas and medical services are expensive for them, they resort to using local herbs to cure themselves however these herbs are not 100% reliable for curing diseases which have caused increased death of children and Parents more especially those living with HIV/Aids thus increasing in number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in these areas.” and. In this case, many Vulnerable parents fail to seek medical assistance for their children when they are sick.

The love Uganda Foundation team became so anxious about this matter, And After the Dental Camp, we started arranging door-to-door Medical assistance and check-ups free of charge to Vulnerable People more Especially Children and Elderly people in partnership with Reeves Medical Professional Doctors and Nurses.

Pregnant Mothers are given antenatal services, Children are immunized, and children found sick are given medicine, Our door-to-door Medical assistance has so far been successful in the area of Bunyiri.

Love Uganda Foundation is so determined to deliver healthcare services and our future Target Project under the Luf Healthcare Activity is to provide a standard community Medical Center for the people and Children of Bunyiri.

Find the Activity Updates under our News & Events in the link below.

2. Menstrual Health and Hygiene.

Menstruation is a reality for billions of women and girls the world over. Love Uganda Foundation thus strives to make this reality a comfortable one for many vulnerable and disabled girls and women in Uganda. Through our menstrual health and hygiene activity, we reach out to vulnerable communities where we meet vulnerable and disabled girls and women, educate them about menstrual periods, and train them on the proper ways of maintaining personal hygiene during menstruation.

Sanitation and Health

Under our Campaign of Gift Pad, Gift Health. Love Uganda Foundation has been in a position to reach out to a number of girls in schools including the disabled girls in “Mengo School of Disabled”

50 Vulnerable girls in Katete Primary School whom we reached with Sanitary pads, school materials, and imparted knowledge on how to make their own reusable pads, sensitized on how they can practice personal hygiene during their menstruation time.

3. Safe And Clean Water.

51% of Uganda’s total population lives with no access to safe water for drinking. Even the few who can access it, spend over 30 minutes waiting due to congestion on the sources. Little wonder, there are still cases of death from dirty water-related diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid.

Sanitation and Health care

In an effort to address this, Love Uganda Foundation is committed to establishing safe water channels across the villages/areas of Nakanyonyi, Kazinga, Lukyamu, Kakola, Nkakwa, Bunyiri, Kasala, Nkonge, and Kitana. The safe and clean water project intends to ensure that at least 80% of the population can get direct access to safe water for drinking as well as domestic use in the shortest time possible.

4. Promotion of sanitation in communities

Uganda is one of the countries in East Africa with a Sanitation crisis characterized by limited or no access to sanitary toilets, even the few that have, do not have hand washing facilities, to mention but a few. This is why the Love Uganda Foundation Sanitation and Healthcare program is directed toward spreading a practical sanitation gospel to the deeper parts of the country. Sanitation and Health care

It will involve activities including but not limited to;

  • The construction and rehabilitation of toilets to a standardized model in Schools and Homes around in Communities
  • educating communities on how to use hand washing tools every after visiting the toilet and involving local leaders and other stakeholders in monitoring the effectiveness of sanitation and proper hygiene in all the households within their respective areas/villages.

Find the Activity Updates under our News & Events in the link below.

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Many of Our Communities are illiterate about what Sanitation is, A thousand girls in schools lack adolescent requirements like Sanitary pads, and Many pregnant mothers, HIV/Aids Victims, and more Vulnerable People in our Communities have no access to Health Centers.

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