Namasonko Brian

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Meet  Namasonko Brian

He is 17 years old and lives at Love Uganda Foundation orphanage under the Love Uganda Foundation care. A bright and hardworking child in High School now. Brian is the second born of 5 children in his family. At the age of 10, Brian lost his mother and was left with their father. Being a single father and a farmer on a small scale, he was unable to care for his children and because of this, some of his children left for streets to hunt for themselves, and among them was Brian. His dream of becoming a doctor was nowhere to be achieved as street life has nothing like success. A Good Samaritan referred Brian’s father to love Uganda foundation as his last resort to save his children from a miserable life and that’s how Brian joined the team and he is living and working hard to achieve all his dreams. Your sponsorship can help fill in the gaps and significantly impact his health, education, and future.

Namasonko Brian needs ONE person to help him visualize a future he has never known. The $100 (370,000 ugx)  you donate every month is invested in the lives of some of the world’s poorest children so that generational poverty can be ended. By supporting community centers in vulnerable areas, you enable teams to deliver critical, effective programs to children who need them most. Can you help Namasonko Brain make a lasting difference? Sponsor him today.

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