The end of year party is a good time to wrap up loose ends and take steps to set yourself for next year.

Every end of year Love Uganda Foundation looks for ways to bring love, joy and happiness to the kids and the facilitators at its orphanage home in kalagi.

When it comes to welcoming, enjoying, laughing, singing, and wrapping off year stresses before you focus on the holiday’s break, Love Uganda Foundation should be your first wish list to enjoy your end of year party with the orphans in Uganda.

On the 21st day of December 2019, different companies (Yo Ugnada, Happy Street Foundation and Tonny who was celebrating his birthday) as well as birthday celebrants wished to close their 2019 year with the orphans at Love Uganda Foundation at the orphanage home in Kalagi.

An end of year party is always a special moment for the kids, the visitors as well as the Love Uganda Foundation staff. Its a time of fun that bonds all the tree parties even closer.

The contentment and blissfulness of the visitors made the day cheerful. Starting the end of year party with the kids ushering in the visitors with joyful and superb songs and dances impressing them to give out some gifts to the kids, the whole day just proceeded in happiness.

At lunch time, food was served and the visitors parentally served the kids food like meat, chicken, g-nuts, rice, matooke, Irish potatoes and so many others which made some young kids to think that it was a Christmas day.

The end of year party was fun packed with lots of games played like; football at the pitch between the visitors and the kids at the orphanage. Shamefully, the kids over played the visitors 2 -1, other games like “Judas, Badu, Tiptip Taptap” were also played, after the games the visitors served the kids drinking water for refreshments.

After the pitch, Tonny the birthday celebrant cut the cake making our end of year party a complete with one. Nothing is self esteeming like knowing that you celebrated a new year with the little orphans in Uganda6 SIMPLE WAYS OF SUPPORTING ORPHANS IN UGANDA.

It was then partying on the dance floor after the cake. Kids exposing their talents with the visitors just having fun till late and enjoying Nyama choma.

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