LUF History

LUF History

LUF History traces back to the founder the Late Emmanuel McMillan Kitumba who experienced a difficult childhood. Having a meal, education, clothing, medical care and other basic necessities were minimum achieved. His parents, like all other parents of impoverished homes, could not afford to provide his family with essentials. Amidst suffering, their family still had to take care of orphans left behind by the relatives who succumbed to HIV/AIDS.

His parents, Samuel and Robinah Ssekirime; always shared the little they had with the neighboring families that lived in similar conditions regardless of how tough things were. These early childhood snapshots of his loving parents turned out to be a family calling. McMillan believed that God supernaturally intervened in the midst of a family crisis when that family stopped focusing on the little they had and went forth helping those in need.

In 2006, McMillan started to sponsor single orphans off his small college student income. Through the great number of orphans and vulnerable children and widows as a result of HIV/AIDS scourges and natural disasters, he was propelled to increase the numbers of children under his care to 10 with the little income he had.

In 2008, as a sponsored Bible scholar in Botswana, Emmanuel McMillan wondered how he could pay back one of his sponsors Andrew McMillan for the great work he had done in his life. When asked, and to his surprise, Andrew replied: “DO TO OTHERS WHAT HAS BEEN DONE UNTO YOU!” This was just a confirmation of what had already started to grow inside Emmanuel McMillan from early childhood.

When Emmanuel returned to Uganda in 2010, he started the legal process to start a charity organization. From this was born the sponsorship project LOVE UGANDA FOUNDATION in 2012. The foundation has reached out to many children in need.

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By the time of his death, McMillan was a theologian with degrees acquired from different theological institutions in countries including; Uganda, Kenya and Botswana. He also studied Business Administration and Management at Makerere University and became  a businessman in practice. He was also a practicing preacher

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Above in the photograph is the first children’s home Emmanuel acquired for the children and in it resided 30 children with 2 carers/mothers and his mother Mrs. Robinah Ssekirime who was part of the team then that looked after the children. However this home is no more, the children reside in a new rented home.


Currently the previous home acquired by Emmanuel is no more, after him passing on, unknown people claimed ownership of the house which was lost to them. The children and everybody residing in the home then dissolved, some being returned to particular relatives who were still alive and others handed over to other orphanages in Mukono which took them in.

In July 2016, Love Uganda Foundation was re-established by Emmanuel’s big brother Robert Paul Kyeyune who felt the need to continue with his Late brother’s vision and need. With the help of his brothers, Kisaakye Joshua, Kyoyita Israel and few friends they were able to process the documents that were as well lost in the building accident that claimed LUF offices and the founder’s life and yet had no home to accommodate the children. The system was back to its roots of door to door outreaches in the villages and respective areas where the need was met.

In July 2017, a generous lady by the names Ms. Joan Belford Mary donated towards the re-establishment of the home to cater for the children. With the funds we got, we were only able to rent a house monthly and not purchasing it fully. After inserting a few stuff in the home, we were able to bring in 15 children on the 1/07/2017, who till date stay in the house with a carers/mother that takes care of them. Our vision however is to expand by constructing our own home such that we can lessen on the expenses.

LOVE UGANDA FOUNDATION therefore, welcomes partners and well-wishers who would wish to support and partner with us in any way possible.




Late Emmanuel McMillan (Deceased, April 1emmanuelmcmillan1th 2016 )

McMillan Emmanuel was born and raised in Uganda East Africa from a humble Christian family. He had degrees and experience in Theology, Business, Administration and Management.

He served as the founder and managing director of Love Uganda Foundation and Love Uganda Safaris from 2012 to 2016.

His personal interests included traveling, preaching the Gospel,  adventure and professional photography.He found great joy in helping others and was passionate about sharing God’s word and seeing people’s lives transformed.
By the time he passed on, brother Emmanuel had secured and restored hope to hundreds of vulnerable children within the communities of Mukono, , Gulu , Kabale ,and in various remote areas of the capital city of Kampala. Among were, Street children abandoned as a result of massive child abuse, rape, poverty, HIV/AIDs and polygamous African marriages.He was able to secure a vast land on which he had a big dream of constructing various infrastructures to help cater for accommodation, education, health, water and food cultivation of these unfortunate society members.