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January 24, 2020
February 12, 2020

Birthday celebrations at Love Uganda Foundation orphanage

Birthday celebrations at orphanages is one of the current trends, not only in Uganda but the whole world at large. The heart of giving back is an itch that is slowly eating up thousands of people, both young and old.

Consequently, the media has caught several pictures of people, both young and old celebrating birthdays. The public is realizing that having the little orphans singing for them birthday songs is way better that the Café Java’s staff. It is life changing and brings smiles to many, not only the birthday baby.

Birthdays are happy and impactful occasions. Children, men and women, the youth and the elderly always look forward to their special days, knowing that it is a great day for gifts, surprises, and food that they can share with their family, friends, and loved ones.

Unfortunately, many orphans  in Uganda do not experience this kind of special birthday celebration. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake and joining party games is something so unfamiliar to many of them.

Birthday celebrations at an orphanage do not only bring you joy, but also happiness to these children who never get to experience what it means like to cut cake on such a special day. Singing birthday songs for the birthday baby as he or she blows out the lighting candles is and action that makes children feel like they are celebrating their very own birthdays. It is such a simple action that makes the little orphans feel loved and cared for.

Since it is basically a celebration, it is just a food and fun day. Food that is rare at the orphanage is served, say irish potatoes, meat, sodas and other mouth linking dishes. At one birthday celebration. At one birthday celebration at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage, one kid asked if it was Christmas. The was extremely fun and exciting that kids felt in a very special way.

Unlike other birthday celebrations, celebrating a birthday at the orphanage means the celebrant giving presents to the kids including clothes, shoes, sweets, scholastic materials; such a supportive action that shows one’s big heart. Remember blessed are the hands that give more than ones that receive.

Are you desiring to give back to the community? But still wondering how to best do it? Well, here is the best option, just collect up some simple things like clothes, sweets, food, scholarstic materials and hit an orphanage for your birthday celebration. Nothing is too small for the little orphans, you may never know what just a single piece of cake you feed the little one would mean to her? Maybe she has even never been fed before in such a loving manner.

In the world where we feel like everything is just so perfect, with people having daily meals on their tables, children going to nice schools; celebrating a birthday is something so normal. But in the world of the little orphans staying in children’s homes, it is so uncommon. Some of them don’t even know their birth dates. So choosing to celebrate a birthday at an orphanage is a simple act that impacts and changes lives.

On this journey that almost the whole world is heading to; empowering the next generation, don’t be left out. You might not have much to donate, but still you don’t have too less to fail to at least make the orphans in Uganda celebrate with you a birthday. Actually is just a simpler way of donating.

This year, as you are planning for the birth month, think of an orphanage. Also inform a friend of how stunning and life changing it is to celebrate a birthday at the orphanage.


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