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Cathy Oswald
Cathy Oswald
August 30, 2016
Uganda Society & Children of Uganda
September 5, 2016
LUF Charity Activity Project

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There is a great need to reach out to the most vulnerable people in Uganda; which category includes orphans and widows in the furthest of the remote areas of Gulu district characterized by shortage of water, HIV/AIDS, high school dropout rates due to early pregnancies, poverty, violence against women etc.

Early this year, we visited the land and had an experience of a tough living of the people accompanied by high poverty levels. Many school-going girls had to drop out of school due to lack of pads, early child marriages among many girls due to lack of sensitization and cultural constraints thus early pregnancies, growing HIV infection rates due to low sensitization as well ignorance among the people, high levels of poverty which has affected the standard of living of the people . With us, we afforded to donate a few materials to the widows which included soap, rice, flour, clothes, shoes, as well conducted a workshop where widows were equipped and empowered in various skills that included sowing, hygiene.

On average, every widow in Gulu looks after 8 to 10 children after the deaths of their husbands in the recent LRA rebel war, which situation today has left many of these ladies single-mothers. This is a burden as they have to clothe, feed, accommodate, educate and provide for the medical bills of their families. There are unsafe and unclean water supplies currently in the community. Being that a big part of the region is dry, the few available water sources are located far away from the communities where people stay. Therefore children have to travel long distances on foot approximately 600 metres searching for water. The children must then return back home on foot which poses a great risk to their physical safety. Most of the shelters in these areas are grass-thatched thus prone to catching fires during the scotching heat season, in cases of conflicts, they are easily burnt, thus leaves many shelter-less.On interaction with the widows, many prefer a modern house with iron roof sheets.

Additionally, HIV/AIDS epidemic is at a high rampancy as a result of rape among young girls during the LRA bush war. Accompanied with ignorance, this has led to easy spread of the

disease among people. Cultural beliefs where a woman can be remarried to the brother of the deceased, has contributed greatly to the high rates in HIV infection. Child neglect associated with early child marriages. Many of these children have missed out on school and other basic needs of life.

Basing on the above challenges, there is a great need to extend a hand to such unfortunate people and help save a life. Love Uganda Foundation (LUF) is offering to provide for both the physical, social and spiritual needs of these people and this is to be achieved through Gulu Love Activity mission.

Love Activity project is a life-saving mission that is aimed at restoring hope among the vulnerable people of Gulu through donating basic materials like food stuffs, scholastic materials, clothing, shoes, medications etc.

Our goal is to partner as well engage the community in this exciting activity, giving a chance to everyone to donate in every way possible.

This donation mission is scheduled for 14th-17th July 2016, as an opportunity to restore hope to the vulnerable people of Gulu. It will offer an avenue of sharing the love of God with the community members through meeting their needs.

Join and be part of changing and transforming a life of a community.

Any donation rendered will be highly appreciated.

With a transformed community, we can achieve a greater nation.


  • To restore hope to the many lives of the people of Gulu more so to those that were seriously affected by the war.
  • To donate materialistic items like clothes, food (rice, sugar, beans, spaghetti), soap, oil etc. to the people.
  • To conduct a campaign on keeping girls in school by providing them with sanitary pads.
  • To visit schools and donate scholastic materials (books, pens, pencils, markers, chalks).
  • To conduct various workshops among this category people.
  • To train and empower women on various skills like great business ideas, saving tips, heath education e.t.c.
  • To train children about various life aspects for example godly character, sanitation/ hygiene.
  • To paint a face of any of the society building for example hospital, police station.
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