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September 16, 2020
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October 5, 2020

child sponsorship in Uganda

Sponsors are heroes. Child sponsorship in Uganda does not only benefit the sponsor or the community at large but also benefits the child. The moment a child gets a sponsor, he looks at the sponsor as a hero and at the same time, as family where he belongs.

When you choose to sponsor these children at this critical stage, you save them from perishing. And we believe that these children will go back into the communities and change them and the entire nation for the glory of God.

Child sponsors ought to remember that such kind actions come with lots of benefits, not only to the children being sponsored or sponsors but also to the suffering communities of these innocent kids. Hence child sponsorship is an action worthy undertaking in Uganda.

Education being a powerful agent of change that can lift generations out poverty, on many occasions, the money received from child sponsorship is used to take these poor children to school and cater for their school needs hence brightening up their future.

Children gain access to clean water for drinking and hygiene purposes using the sponsorship money. This is vital in improving the children’s life expectancy and overall health since a huge number of kids in Uganda die from water and sanitation related diseases. Hence using the money received from sponsorship to build wells, pipework and sanitation facilities.

On that same amount for child sponsorship, children get to receive nutritious food while at any child development center in Uganda while those with greater needs receive food and vitamin supplements and have access to therapeutic feeding and food stability initiatives which reduces on malnutrition diseases in these children.

Most sponsors keep in touch with the children there sponsoring which inspires the child’s imagination and encourages them to achieve their ambitions through the letters they exchange with their sponsors. We regularly get to hear wonderful stories of how children were encouraged to study hard at school by their sponsors and how they have gone to become teachers, midwives, activists or doctors.

For many organizations, the money donated by these sponsors is used for community programs in the localities of those sponsored children, meaning that the whole community benefits. This removes the potential for inequality in financial gain between children and community members.

Besides that, money received from child sponsors is jointly used to buy shoes, school uniforms and casual uniforms for these children in Uganda. And this enables these kids to meet all their basic needs as they are able to get something to wear.

Child sponsorship in Uganda is a wonderful way to help change the life of a child who is in need. It helps restore hope and create self-reliance for the future of the Ugandan orphaned or vulnerable child.

Love Uganda Foundation provides a child sponsorship program that gives a sponsor ultimate chance to provide a life changing opportunity for a child in need as well as build a relationship with them if you wish.

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