Even though, children in Uganda need more than just food, shelter or education to break free from poverty. Sponsoring a child in Uganda is still an incredibly powerful way to enable this child develop in all other areas of his\her life including the physical development.

Child sponsorship connects you with an individual child in Uganda who desperately needs your help and enables you provide life changing benefits to that child for a low monthly or annual contribution.

Sometimes the physical needs of a child go beyond what donors alone can provide. Hence the need for sponsors to come along to provide things like safe water, sanitary latrines or access to major medical treatment like surgeries.

Sponsoring a child enables him/her to receive regular health screenings, periodic dental checkups and have access to immunization which keeps the child free from very many diseases and gives awareness on the current health status of the child.

It gives the sponsored child a chance to receive nutritious food on a daily basis. With the sponsorship fee, the child is provided with either a full meal or a healthful snack, depending on the needs and resources available.

For the case of children suffering from malnutrition, sponsorship enables these kids receive medical care and extra food supplies hence improving on his health. So many kids in Uganda suffer such diseases due to poor feeding hence sponsoring them enables them overcome such situations.

Additionally, sponsored children in Uganda receive education on how to stay healthy. They get to learn about good hygiene including how to wash clothes, bath, brush teeth and proper sanitation, something to do with cleaning their communities, proper disposal of rubbish etc.

Sponsorship money is sometimes used to teach the community were these children come from the different ways to prevent and treat illnesses like malaria, Typhoid, HID/AIDs and at the same time, those who are victims of such diseases are given treatment.

They go ahead to teach them the importance’s of clean water in preventing waterborne diseases like cholera and diarrhea. Sometimes, the money received from sponsors is used is used to construct clean water sources for children in rural areas of Uganda including bore halls and water tanks.

Never the less, child sponsorship in Uganda enables the poor children to be provided with security and shelter. So many orphans do not actually have a safe home to stay, some roam on the streets which places their lives in danger. Hence the money received from sponsors can be used to construct homes for these children to stay.

Education is also another way kids benefit from sponsorship. These children get to be taught about good hygiene and proper sanitation. Things like hand washing, proper washroom habits and dental care are encourage at home.

Every child’s physical health is so important and we do everything in our power to address the physical needs of each child through medical care and regular checkups, diseases prevention initiatives and ongoing education. But being healthy is just one aspect of a child’s growth.

Kindly join our struggles to support these innocent children in Uganda with the very little money you give, you can change and save so many lives.

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