February 20, 2020
How does sponsorship help kids physically
July 16, 2020

Sponsor children in Uganda

Uganda is one of the top countries in Africa and worldwide having the highest number of orphans. In which 12.3% of the children are orphans with 420,000 of these orphans having lost only a mother and 1,330,000 a father. Yet 402,500 being total orphans who lost both parents. This gives a reason why you need to sponsor children in Uganda.

2.5 million is the estimated number of orphans and abandoned children in Uganda who go regularly hungry and sleep on the streets of Kampala. With no government resource to meet their basic needs. These children are left helpless and susceptible to preventable diseases, violence and crime. They lack all basic life necessities including education.

Knowing that education is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty and providing hope to the children for a better future, in Uganda education is quite expensive and not affordable to the poor children including the orphans.

This makes orphans often leave school, forced into child labor, abuse, early marriages, and early pregnancies while others turn into street wonders.

Choosing to sponsor a child’s schooling, food and general well-being, especially a child you have never met, can seem like a daunting prospect. Regardless of the costs, you are even uncertain if you will be really making a difference, or you are just skeptical of the whole concept. However, before turning down the idea, consider the many convincing reasons why child sponsorship is of a vital importance in a country like Uganda.

Sponsoring a child in Uganda is affordable. If you can afford buying a coffee cup, you can as well afford sponsoring poor children in Uganda. This doesn’t take up the whole country, but even sponsoring a single orphan is an impact to the whole nation.

Even though you are sponsoring one child, there are often wider community benefits as well. This is truer with increased access to clean drinking water, with wells being drilled that the entire village can use. Child sponsorship additionally benefits future generations, as any child who is removed from abject poverty is able to better provide for their own children when the time comes.

As a sponsor, you don’t just give money, you give hope. The money makes a difference in a way that when this child gets the knowledge that there’s someone who cares enough to invest in them to study, it means a lot to him. In the harshest of living conditions, such hope makes a difference.

Sponsoring children gives them a chance to accomplish their education. Since those that had dropped out are able to return to school those that were nearly giving up are given the opportunity to complete their schooling with which better education means more opportunities, a new generation of leaders, and the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty affecting Ugandans.

Child sponsorship makes a massive difference since it is the best way to see that small sums of money can have huge impacts. For Just $50 per month in Uganda, you can change a child’s life. For less than one dollar a day, you be in position to provide access to food, education, social support and medical care to children from disadvantaged families.

Your monthly sponsorship will not only help provide financially for the child of your interest, but will also give you an opportunity to build a relationship through shared letters, photos, encouraging your child in their faith and education.

Kindly join any sponsorship program in Uganda to empower the poor children and support their struggles through kind donations of scholastic materials and sponsorship.







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