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An innocent young boy called Kiyaga Ivan is a 2-year-old born in Kimwanyi-Kira, Wakiso district, and is the only boy to his mother. Kiyaga’s mother is currently unemployed and only goes around households in different communities to help out with laundry so she can get food to eat and other basic needs.

Kiyaga Ivan was named after his late father who was originally a truck driver but died on the job, after ahead-on collision with a trailer that crushed him into pieces on the 28th day of March 2019. At this point, Kiyaga’s mother was only 3 months pregnant but was later able to give birth to this innocent boy Kiyaga Ivan on the 26th day of September 2019. She has since been doing laundry for people around different communities to get means of survival until she landed in a child care home (Love Uganda Orphanage) where she wanted to just abandon the child as she couldn’t take care of both the child and herself with the little she was earning, however, the caretakers/mothers of the home interviewed her and were able to share her story.

Kiyaga’s mother was later advised by the caretakers to visit Love Uganda Foundation offices for further support of the child. She met one of the staff who later went with her to ascertain the situation at her place/home and ensure that information given by her is true. The home visit was carried out, and truthfully the mother was in dire need of help with her son who was later screened and recruited into the foundation.

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Kiyanga Ivan needs ONE person to help him visualize a future he has never known. The $50 (185000 Ugx) you donate every month is invested in the lives of some of the world’s poorest children so that generational poverty can be ended. By supporting community centers in vulnerable areas, you enable teams to deliver critical, effective programs to children who need them most. Can you help Kiyanga Ivan make a lasting difference? Sponsor him today.

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