Love Uganda foundation ensures accessibility to clean water in Kalagi as a charity act.

What would it take just to ensure that everyone in the world has clean water? For many of us, we have clean water so plentifully and readily available that we rarely ever pause to consider what would happen if a day came without it.

Yes, this is the level of development that the world has reached, several people living in towns have super quick access to piped water. But in Uganda and many other parts of Africa, millions of people living in villages cannot acquire clean water even if they had to give in their lives, they would still fail to get it.

It takes a little effort, as well as little money to get rid of the unclean water and secure the hopes of people in villages. Maybe the funds are not readily available to dig up a community borehole, or to extend piped water to a village, but what about just cleaning up the village wells? Getting simple garden tools and clean up the environment where the community gets their water?

On the 29th of September 2018, Love Uganda foundation team stormed Kalagi Village (where the orphanage is located) and cleaned up two village wells. This act was not only aimed at ensuring that the kids get clean water they also fetch from there, but it was a community act that we desired to create impact to the whole community.

Access to clean water is one thing that we take for granted because, by living in towns, everyone thinks it’s something very obvious. But clean water can be one of the hardest resources to get while in Kalagi, as well as other villages in Uganda.

On this day, not even the youngest child was left at the orphanage, it was a team operation that involved all the Love Uganda Foundation members and children. It started early in the morning and cleaning up both the wells took almost the whole day.

The most interesting part was when the village children joined the team to also do participate in the charity back to their native village.

All the village people that we passed by were left mesmerized in shock of how it was so kind of the organization to do something like that for the community. This left us wondering whether we had been the first with such an idea in Kalagi village, and indeed we were the first ones. Hopefully if we had announced the operation before several people would join in to give back to the community, but little did we know that other people would also have interest?

In the process, two old men came to fetch water on their old bicycle, you cannot believe the joy they got on realizing that this time round, all the bush around the well was slashed down, there was no rubbish in and around the well, and the trench took away the dirty water softly. We are very sure the blessings they prayed for us at that moment will drive us together with the orphans another mileage.

“Abazuku mukama abawe omukisa, mutukoze obulungi obutagambika. Omutonzi abadizewo nga wemutasubiranga, ffe twandijewa amazzi agatukula?” they said. Meaning that “Grandchildren, May God bless you, you have done us so much good. Where would we have got the clean water?”

This ended with a big feast at our orphanage. We fed all the children that joined us in the cleaning. Even if we couldn’t give them the sumptuous meals, we are glad we shared the little we had with great love.

Yes, that was the least we could do for the village, even if we were not able to extend piped water or dig up a community borehole, at least we cleaned up the village wells that the young children, old ladies, pregnant women and all local people will be able to fetch clean water for some time.

Too bad that what we had no solution for the struggle that the children go through just to get clean water. They walk miles, bare footed and just to reach the well to find a long line of jerrycans brought by people all yearning to have clean water. “Sometimes it’s even the strongest that gets water first no matter the time you came” a young girl told us.

Indeed, it would be of great impact if we may be constructed a community water source with clean water. That which is closer to the people and reliable.

We can do this if we all come together, remember that most changes come as small efforts put together with great love.


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