End Of Year 2016 Children’s Christmas Party

This year’s Annual Christmas Party was an event unlike others, besides the usual fun and great moments shared, this round a musical band of young energetic youths entertained the children in music, dance and various competitions. The event catered for children ages 2-13 years.

It commenced with ice breaking/fun activities led auntie Brenda, one of the facilitators and later. We had a praise and worship session, acknowledging the supremacy of God, His love and care for the childrens’ lives.

The children were later grouped in various workshop sessions comprising of 15 children each, here the children got an opportunity to be taught and educated about the significance of Christmas and other life disciplines.

The children later gathered together and got an opportunity to be addressed by our very own young volunteer and Guest of honor Ms. Irene Nakitende (Miss Rising Woman Uganda 2016/17). The children then got an opportunity to explain and educate the congregation about what they had learnt while in the workshop session.

Lunch was served with an amazing local African dish comprising of the famous local green banana called “Matooke”, Rice, Meat and Groundnut paste as portrayed in the photos. Safi packed juice that is so much loved and entertained by the children was availed as a soft drink for the occasion.

After dinning the meal, the children were given an ample time to rest and catch up with one another then later resumed with the after lunch session comprising of activities like running competitions among the children Facilitators (uncles and aunties) also participated in these sessions, Snake game, Dodge game, musical chairs, balloon blowing and dancing competitions. It was well expected that the undeniable energy among the children would be permit them to win over their aunties and uncles, and so they emerged the winners via competitions.

The after lunch musical session was then started where children were being led by uncle Kevin who along with the band danced all they could in African style praising God. Immediately after the musical session, there was a moment of silence as uncle Kevin passed on a touching message about the founder the Late Emmanuel McMillan Kitumba who gave in all he could to fight for this vision at an age as early as 17 years.

He was honored for his endless efforts in ensuring that the life and future of an Africa child and orphan is secured. To the extent that on that very fateful day, he was still giving it his best to save what he started. A prayer was said in honor and memory of his tremendous efforts in “Empowering Africa’s Next Generation.

We later had a cake session where a few of the children and their facilitators came together to cut the cake. With lots of love, the facilitators made their way down and served every child with a piece. It was such an amazing moment for both the children and the facilitators.

Last but not least, we had to give out a whole load of donation comprised of clothes, shoes and other items donated to us by our beloved friend from Germany Ms. Victoria Muller, C.E.O Tuyambe E.V. Every child received a gift and with smiles on their faces, they said “Thank You”.

Photo and video session concluded the day with happiness and joyful noise all over.

We take up this opportunity to thank everybody that stood with us throughout this whole event right from the preparations till the end. Those that supported us in terms of finance, prayer and every other kind of support. You are so precious to this beloved ministry, we have no doubt that without you probably we wouldn’t have made it this far.

You can click here at Party Photo Gallery to view more photos about how the event happened.

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