Peer to peer learning on drug and substance abuse.

In the peer to peer learning program, Love Uganda Foundation tackles drug and substance abuse as a challenge in society by engaging youths and former drug addicts to disseminate information that can discourage the vice. This is done through open discussions, testimonials as well as trainings on drugs, drug abuse, addictive behaviors, their impact on the human mind and body as well as ways in which the vice can be broken and overcome.

Mental Health Awareness.
Under this program, we critically address the psychological, emotional and social well-being of the vulnerable individuals in society. This is to ensure that individuals realize their own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life and work productively and at the same time make a contribution to their communities. We do this by having sessions with community members on how they can deal with stress and societal pressure, providing counseling services, encouraging them to openly speak about their challenges and seek professional support from counselors.

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