September 9, 2021
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September 13, 2021

There are two types of orphans in Uganda. Some lost one of the parents it could be a mother or a father and some lost both parents. They are left with no one to care for them. No one to give them shelter, health care, education, and all the basic needs. When parents the orphans die, are left to suffer psychologically and emotionally with no one to care for them.

They experience stigma, changes in living situations, and lack of support, which continues to complicate their grieving process. Although orphaned children and poverty are no strangers, household wealth diminishes as a result of increased medical care. And other related expenses yet the capacity to generate income reduces significantly. These circumstances negatively impact children’s access to basic needs including food, shelter, health, education, and schooling needs. 

An orphanage is a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans and other children who were separated from their biological families.

Orphanage homes come up to offer taking care of the orphans by getting them into their custody. This is to create a family for them to be shown love, care, restore hope to them.

Services offered to orphans in Uganda by the caretakers are as follows.

In Uganda, orphans get a chance to study. These children are enrolled in school at all levels to at least attain a career in their life. These kids are equipped with shortlisting materials like uniforms, shoes, books, pens, and textbooks to help in the study. This empowers them to study hard to develop their ways of life.

Due to the suffered psychologically and emotionally by the orphans, they need special attention. For them to feel loved and cared for again. Mental health, as well as guidance and counseling, is offered to orphans. This encourages children’s social, emotional, and personal development. And this helps the children to know themselves better and find effective solutions to their daily problems.

Orphans are provided for health services by the caretakers. Diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis affect orphans. These need more attention by the doctors and are given drugs and other treatments hence they have been cared for health-wise.

Orphans can create jobs given the skills got in vocational schools. These skills include weaving, hairdressing, fashion, and design. 

Orphans are given places that can be called home in the orphanages or can be taken by the foster parents. Orphans can have a shelter where it’s safe for them to stay. They are not disturbed by rain, sunshine, or any other problem. Under this care, they can feed on nutritious foods and have safe water to drink. This helps to fight malnutrition in children.

However, it’s not easy to fulfill all the services offered to orphans in Uganda because of the problems encountered along the way as mentioned below

Some orphanages are lacking in child welfare as well as their well-being because of a lack of resources. 

It’s not easy to find food for the children all the time to make it available for them. This is due to the lack of funds to help in the buying of food. And other things for the will be. 

Smaller charities and religious groups as well as international charities fund most orphanages in Uganda. Orphanages may prey on vulnerable families at risk of breakdown and actively recruit children to ensure continued funding.

So, in a nutshell, services are offered to orphans in Uganda as many come up to help the orphans and the vulnerable children not to feel left behind in any way. People go a mile to provide food for them to have nutritious foods, providing health care, mental health. Guidance and counseling for the children, equipping them with vocational skills to have something to do using their head. Although there is a need to offer financial support to orphanages for them to keep functioning to keep the children in school, pay medical bills plus food for the children.


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