Sexual Reproductive Health.

In this program, we work towards ensuring that the vulnerable attain a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being in all matters relating to the reproductive system. We do this through disseminating correct information on sex and sexuality as a way of encouraging them to make informed decisions about their sexuality.

We also carry out sensitization on sexually transmitted infections as well as the ways in which to prevent them. For those that are already infected with HIV/AIDS, we carry out sensitization on how they can still live a long and healthy life while preventing further infection of the virus to other people. Seeing as all persons have a right to make informed decisions about their sexuality, we also carry sensitization on the dangers of teenage pregnancy and early marriages, openly speaking against the dangers of these two vices and openly discussing the reproductive health repercussions that young girls have to face when they are married off early or get pregnant early.

We also carry out trainings and information sessions on family planning and how best individuals can utilize it in order to fully acknowledge their sexuality and reproductive health.

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