August 14, 2020
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September 16, 2020

Love Uganda foundation comprises of young innocent orphans who lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS, Ebola, maternal deaths, wars and others. These are children that don’t actually know how it feels like to have parents, be loved or cared for.

Children at love Uganda foundation have once been victims of discrimination, torture, poverty, disease affected etc. They went through life struggles after the death of their parents and at a point felt like it was of no use to be alive yet the world actually never showed them concern.

Love Uganda Foundation picked them up and gave them a home away from home to stay.  With a mission to change their lives and empower this young generation by providing them with all the basic needs of life including food, shelter, medical care, clothes and education.

Every time these kids receive visitors at home, they get so attached as they get to share so much with them including their daily challenges and achievements. At this point in life, they feel their life is complete as they have someone to listen to them and support them.

Your decision to communicate and keep in touch with them through letter writing can be something that makes a difference in their lives. Letter writing is one easy form of communication that one can use to easily communicate to these children. One can write a simple letter of hope and use a post office to send it to the kids in Uganda.

Written letters matter a lot to love Uganda foundation children. Once one visits and departs from them, the children get to miss his/her presence and everything t that was offered to them for example teaching, singing, playing and other activities that one was involved in.

“A good relationship starts with a good communication”. That’s why your letters matter so much to our children. When one writes to them, they feel like they have not been forgot and that they are still thought of by their loved ones which keeps them strong and smiling.

Furthermore, your letters are an inspiration to the children. The great inspiring words that one writes keeps them going. They are inspired to go to school, church, and to engage in co-curricular activities which impact their lives and this is a thank you to all inspiring friends out there, you truly impact the lives of these children.

Every child yearns for a mother and father in life. When one keeps in touch with them through letter writing, the children get to feel the motherly and fatherly love that they did not experience after losing their parents.

Believe it or not, this communication bridges the gap between you and the children. Writing letters to the children at love Uganda foundation is far an advantage in building a strong relationship with these children thus the need to keep writing to them.

Writing a letter to an orphan child is one way of awaking his or her inner feelings that world still has kind and loving humans. This is attributed to that fact that these children were once mistreated by their own relatives who never showed them love even a single day in their lives. When they receive your letters and read them, they get to feel happy and excited.

At a point where they feel discouraged and hopeless, they refer to the letters that are written to them. Usually, these letters are composed of encouraging words that change their attitude and the way they feel about life hence empowering them.

As love Uganda foundation, we continue encouraging you to communicate to the children through Letter writing. These letters are sources of hope, love, care, encouragement and empowerment to these innocent kids with no parents. Your efforts to write to them are highly appreciated.


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