COVID-19 to orphans in Uganda
September 16, 2021
drug abuse
Drug abuse
October 15, 2021
vistors at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage home

spreading love to the orphans.

It all started on a bright morning day, I jumped in a taxi to the kalagi roundabout. When I got there, I got a motorcycle to the orphanage home located alongside Nakanyonyi Road. I had it behind my head that I was going to meet kids there. But questions then come in what am I going to tell them, how am I going to look at them. Being an emotional person, I was scared of what am to see inside since am an emotional person.

I stood by the gate for some good time setting my mind ready for the experience. And what I was going to see.  Atwijuka Dominic welcomed me as I entered the open gate. Is any elder person around?  Other children were scattered. He went ahead to call an elder who was around that time by the title of Papa. We had a short talk with him and he went back as he was not feeling well.

I went ahead to approach one child to another. Ask them their names, the classes they study in, and what they wish to be in the future as they grow up. I loved their confidence and welcoming eyes. To my surprise, everything was so normal that it looked like leaving with kids at home.

I got comfortable in a little time.

As time moved on madam Namutebi Sharifah came around. And I was briefed on what I was going to do and how it was supposed to go down. Visitors were coming around to check on the children and donate some things like Clothes.

Life at an orphanage is not different from that of many families in the country. The children looked healthy and happy. In their eyes everything was okay.

The 29th of September was a surprise day for me and I kept my mind open to welcome everything that comes around with one heart. Namasonko Brain was my team meet who is a calm boy and it was nice working with him.

The visitors arrived and we had to start with the program but to my shock, everything looked normal like I have ever done it.

The fun started

There were a group of 8 girls who come around to share their love with the children at Love Uganda Foundation orphanage.

  • The program started with a tour around the orphanage home/house with visitors guided by Brain the older boy in the orphanage aged 15 years.
  • There was an introduction of the visitors and the children. This started with I mentioning my names as the host followed by the visitors mentioning their names and then the kids also.
  • There was entertainment by the children at the orphanage as they danced for the visitors and it was fun. And the visitors also entertained the kids with a dance using gospel songs

Cate’s visit at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage home was honestly worthy having spent my time with Love Uganda Foundation Children, please feel free to come and check on them to experience the fun moments with LUF children.  Please come donate, sponsor a child and do charity as well.



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