Disabled Children in Uganda proves Disability is not in ability

Volunteering in Uganda
October 21, 2017
Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage home
November 1, 2017

Disabled Children in Uganda proves Disability is not in ability

Disability is being differently able, it is most definitely not inability. Being disabled should not be perceived or branded as shameful and disgraceful. And as a society we should help to fight the disability stigma. Therefore, there is a need for us to reach out to the disabled people. There is a great need for us to love them; to make them feel very much part of the society because they too have something to offer. This is what we exactly did on 28th/10/2017, we went to the Kampala School of the Physically Handicapped in Kampala Mengo to visit these beautiful young people.Disabled Children in Uganda, Uganda disabled Children

This is not something that we do yearly, it’s a regular activity that we do monthly with a main reason celebrating the birthdays of these lovely kids. So on that date it was the turn for the October babies to be celebrated and indeed it was a successful day as we left everyone at the school very happy and excited. “you can do anything another person can, disability is a not a limitation. You are going to be great people.” Those are the words they heard from one of the Love Uganda Foundation members which inspired and encouraged them. They then had a taste of the delicious cake that was baked by Jakin Confectionary our partners in this activity.
As we said earlier on that the disabled also have something to offer, indeed these kids at KSPH really proved it to us and we just couldn’t believe our eyes. Having heard those encouraging words and each a piece of the tasty cake, they were now enthusiastic and they gave us their best. Truth be told, they are talented even more than the normal people. Within these kids were fantastic rappers that got talent, and girls who can really sing very well. Uganda children, Children in Uganda

For real we would have stayed much longer but the kids got exhausted due to the activities and the fun we had. We then had a photo session and left though with tears in our hearts, wondering why we totally had nothing to do about their disability, we wish we could at least do something, even if it was as a small as an insect, we Disabled children in Ugandawould drag our lives to see that they also live normal lives. And this is the very reason that takes us to their school each month that comes such that we make them feel loved and thought of.
This way we can make the world a better place for them because it is one of the sweetest feelings knowing that someone thinks, cares and loves you. Together lets show the disabled some love.

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