October 16, 2019
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November 7, 2019
Changing lives

Empowering the next generation

The youth are a critical force in the development of any society. This reasons why some of Love Uganda Foundation’s programs are aimed at empowering the youth in Uganda, to take charge of their destiny and become the forces of social change in the society.

In our programs, the youth in Uganda are introduced to different activities that enable them gain self-esteem, believe in themselves, and gain analytical, decision making and general life skill.

It is important that our youth in Uganda be raised to become socially responsible citizens. Besides providing youth with material and technical support, we encourage them to engage in socially awareness projects and activities that prepare them for a better future.

Empowering the youth in Uganda is one constant fact of life. It’s a continuous project because each day young children transit to the youth stage.

Unfortunately, not so many organizations have come up to lift the youth. Millions of them are dying on streets, not the physical death, but rather mental death. The youth in Uganda are stuck on streets with nothing to do and still don’t even know what to do. They literally need guidance and mentorship.

Love Uganda Foundation has taken a leading hand in the empowerment of the Youth in Uganda. We regularly get to several communities, churches and schools, talk to groups of young people and encourage them to join community projects that force change into their societies.

Through this, the youth become aware of the needs of the people in the communities around them. It is an opportunity to learn and share talents and gifts with those who are underprivileged, especially the elderly, single mothers, widows, child headed families and the sick.

The resulting end is that young people who take an active role in community development have a heightened sense of duty and responsibility. This is critical to raising responsible children and a strong nation.

Still we should increase investment in youth today. This includes promoting quality education that prepares them for better future opportunities. The youth in Uganda need a diversity of training – from quality primary and secondary schools and technical training to research-intensive universities.

Talking of the youth in Uganda, most people only thing of boys. However, empowering women and girls is equally essential. This girl empowerment builds her esteem, making her confident to face whatever comes her way regardless of the sex. In Uganda, girls are taken a weaker sex and building their esteem, is the best gift for live that we can ever give the young girls.

The Uganda government should also increase employment opportunities to enable the young people earn a living. Many educated young people are unemployed due to the fact that there are a few employment opportunities and scare resources. Many end up going to other countries for jobs, while others just sit back home because they cannot even sponsor themselves to other countries. It’s a no wonder that today we even have so many hooligans and street robbers around town.

There is also a critical need to involve young people in decisions that will affect them. We cannot talk about sustainable development without the active involvement of the youth. When we give young people decent jobs, political weight, negotiating muscle, and real influence in our world, they will create a better future for themselves.

When the youth in Uganda participate in established empowerment programs, they encounter a variety of benefits. Adults and organizations also benefit from these empowerment programs. They both become more communicable and responsive to youth in the community, which leads to program improvements as well as increased participation from youth in Uganda.

We can all join efforts and chase one common goal; empowering the youth in Uganda. We can all build one big nation, and when we lie in our beds in our old age, we can proudly say we empowered this generation.

Let’s educate the children, we can still sponsor the orphans in Uganda, support the disabled children, street children and the young youth. Teenage mothers shouldn’t be rejected, they need us. Young prisoners also still have a chance to change.

That way, no youth in Uganda will lag behind. We will live in an empowered generation of responsible youth.


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