November 12, 2019
December 19, 2019

Family outreach in Buddo Nakasozi

Nothing is as self-satisfying as knowing that you changed a life and empowered at least one soul. It might not be big enough for the community, but it cannot fail a family out reach.

Just like we have always taken pride in our mission of “Giving hope to Orphans, Needy, Vulnerable and Disabled children”, this time round, our urge to change lives drove us to two single mothered families in Nakasozi Buddo; a suburb close to Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Just a few weeks back, our team was searching out for the poor families to reach out to. This time round we weren’t looking for the orphans in Uganda, the disabled children or the elderly. The major aim was reaching out to that family that we felt needed us most regardless of all other factors.

The family outreach junk pot hit these two families in Buddo in Nakasozi. Residing in a wetland close to Kampala – Masaka highway, the single mothered families were nearly giving up.

The mothers to four and three children had no any major source of income, all they could do is laundry for the neighboring rich families to be able to carry food back home for the children, and to send their children in a nearby government school.

Having made our research about the family, we hit them by surprise. Finding jerry cans and basins scattered all over their muddy compound, two little girls doing the home laundry, and the mother inside, resting with the baby, the family didn’t expect us at all.

We didn’t carry the very best that they needed, but we carried the very best that we could afford. Clothes, books, pencils, bags, sandals, toys, sanitary towels and colors among others were all that we took to bless this poor family.

There is nothing too small if given out in good faith, the joy and happiness that the things brought to the family. One mother stated, “For the school requirements for next term, am really sorted, thank you so much Love Uganda Foundation, may God bless you so much.” What we thought was very little, was life giving to them

So don’t hesitate to stretch out a helping hand to those in need of your help. You never know how big a small pair of sandals would mean to a little girl. You might not have everything to fully do a family or community outreach, but remember, one by one makes a bundle. Just bring in your donations to Love Uganda Foundation, together with what we have, we can do a full family outreach.

People have changed lives with just one pair of trousers and a shirt to a youth who only had a torn shirt and shorts. Nothing is too small.

As for Love Uganda Foundation, we continuously seek to put smiles on many faces, in the different parts of the country. Our major aim is to change lives and empower the next generation. You can also join this great cause and be a change ambassador in our community.

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