February 3, 2019
February 9, 2019

Love Uganda Foundation; Empowering the next generation

Sketching back to our vision, “Promoting and advancing the life of the disadvantaged and vulnerable Children through empowering lives and transforming communities with holistic approach in Education, Spiritual growth and Social development.” Love Uganda Foundation has not at any moment branched off from this.

Several NGOs give up on their visions and missions with time due to the greed for money. But an organization that was formed with a great urge to change lives and empower the next generation never forgets its core goals and values.

This is why Love Uganda Foundation continuously comes up with new ideas each time, those that can change the lives, and empower poor communities. Projects that save many people form the absolute poverty, sufferings, rejections and denials. We lift up souls that are nearly giving up on life, and give them new hopes for life.

The orphanage. We have not at any single moment thought of giving up our child care home, instead we even come up with ideas of how to better the place and become a better home for more children. Currently we have only twenty children staying with us at the orphanage, 10 girls and 10 boys. This number is only limited by the small space that we have at home, the house cannot accommodate more children, however, with our already bought piece of land in Kalagi, our newest project is construction of a new home so that kids get more space for playing, privacy and also to bring in more kids. Because honestly, where we get these kids form, we wouldn’t wish to leave any child behind, they are communities where even no one deserves to live.

Sponsoring kids. Besides the twenty children at the orphanage, Love Uganda foundation is also reaching out to more children in the very remote areas, sending them back to school with a few school requirements that we can afford. Occasionally in holidays we visit them, take them clothes, simple medications for first aid, shoes, sugar, soap, drinking water, sanitary towels and so many others. Just to ensure that they also live normal lives even if they are not staying with us. That is the little we can currently offer, you can also join this campaign and sponsor one Ugandan child.

Community outreaches. These are commonly love activities that extend love, care, restoration, generosity and most importantly, hope to the poor, widows and vulnerable people in the local societies. This project reaches out to the elderly, widows, orphaned children, HIV/AIDs victims and child soldiers. We sensitize and educate several people how to go about different social life aspects, and also donate basic materials for home consumption.

Visiting the disabled children. This is especially done to the schools of the disabled children. Currently we have been only visiting the Kampala School of the Physically Hand carped in Mengo, where we go every month and celebrate birthdays of the children, cut with them the cakes, share empowering words, play and dance with them. Just to remind them that they are not all alone, there are people out there who still think about, care for and love them whole heartedly. At times, its only love that they all need. You never know what such simple things can do to such a child.

Charity activities. These are mostly done jointly with our sister company Love Uganda Safaris. We usually storm a certain village and do some charity activities, like cleaning the village wells, sweeping the community roads, cleaning the local markets and several other activities that impact the whole community and change several lives. The most recent activity, we visited Kalagi and cleaned all the two village wells to ensure that the children, elderly and pregnant women access clean water.

Yes, those are some of the simple ways that Love Uganda Foundation is still trying to change lives and empower the next generation. However, we are very open to new ideas. And you can also join this campaign and together we transform the universe.


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