Generosity is a quality of kindness and giving and it stems from the need to satisfy another person’s necessity. Where there are necessities that need to be met, especially for the vulnerable, generosity is the only human action that can be able to satisfy their urgency for their basic needs. Love Uganda Foundation, tries to lend a helping hand, where the vulnerable lack their necessities. They try to bridge the gap between the vulnerable and their necessities, bringing them closer to what they need in any way possible.  Love Uganda Foundation has tried to reach out to several needy people, including orphans, disabled, vulnerable and needy children,  widows and the disadvantaged people. Their works have helped the people in need and created a sense of hope in those who had lost it.

Orphans are the main topic of interest in this current article because their high rate of endangerment and low rate of reception of help. An orphan is a child whose parent/s have died. Many people who are orphaned have lost all hope when it comes to receive any necessities in life. Most of them have either lost their parents to some diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, been abandoned because of certain disabilities, inability of their parents to take care of the, wars, epidemics and pandemics and many other reasons.

UNICEF estimates that there are over 2 million orphans in Uganda leaving us with one of the highest rates of orphaned children in Africa and the world at large. Most of these lose their childhood to trying to make ends meet for their siblings or find themselves in spheres of life that imperil their lives like rape, child trafficking, forced labor and so many others. There are so many orphans in Uganda that are living in endangered situations and most of them have lost any hope for a helping hand and usually opt for ways of gaining quick money to find ways to fend for themselves and sometimes, their siblings.

In some cases, the best way that one could help an orphan is by putting them through school. Here they would cultivate their dreams and aspirations and have something to look forward to in their future. They would work hard in order to find a way of taking themselves through life and maneuvering through their adulthood and even creating families for themselves. Letting them go through school enables them to find purpose in their lives and enables them have an insight into what they want to be in their lives.

Love Uganda Foundation cares for orphans who they take through school and provide basic needs for. They accommodate them in a rented homestead that can accommodate 21 children and 2 caretakers. These children have gained a sense of hope, and work their hardest to achieve the dreams that they hope to achieve when they grow up. They grow up with a sense of gratitude to their givers and with a sense of determination to help other people   who may be disadvantaged when they grow up. When we talk to these orphans we see a light at the end of the tunnel for them as they now have hope to succeed in their life and endeavors.

During this COVID-19 season, where there has been a great shift in the way many things work and donations. There is a little draw back in the provision of orphans and how they receive their necessities. Even in this trying time, we still believe that the children are a priority and whatever they do matters to the Foundation at large.

The Campaign; Keep an Orphan In School creates hope for those who might have believed that in this trying time, they will not be able to find any means of going back to school. By helping an orphan go back to school, we are not only changing a life but also changing their heart towards the world. They will believe that there is good in the world and will want to pay back good with good.  It also gives them ambition to work hard and help those who are in need too. This enables us to better the world and give the children reason and hope to live.

Orphans in Uganda

Ugandan Orphans

The Campaign aims at helping these orphans in any way possible for example through providing any scholastic material for example books, pens, textbooks and any other important materials that they may need to use in their school work. Another way of helping the orphans would be to provide monetary support in form of school fees that would be used to take them through school.

With this campaign we would hope to promote their livelihood at school even with the tough times that are going on at the moment. During this pandemic, it would not be easy to directly help the orphans, but the best we could do is to try, in order to push them through some of the most important times in their lives.

Sometimes it is indeed hard to help all orphans, and that is where the Global issue remains pending and unsolved. Sometimes it is hard to help each and every orphan with an opportunity to study more especially in these times. But we have hope that with generosity, we can try our best to solve it some extent, one orphan at a time. We believe that through the love that we try our best to provide, we would encourage or motivate someone else to help other orphans and they would motivate others and the cycle would continue.

We believe that every child has the right to survival, and helping them get that kind of survival is the only way we can try to achieve their right. Helping these children will change the world, bit by bit. It will open them up to receiving blessings and giving blessings out too. As Love Uganda Foundation we believe that we shall do our best to help the children and enable them stay in school, so that they can have a bright future.


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