Over 32% of households in Uganda have foster or orphaned children and 50% of these orphans are more likely to be out of school than non-orphans. The right to education is a human right as well as a basic need for all Children.

From 2010, Love Uganda Foundation a Christian based non-government organization and fully registered NGO registration number INDR141921543NB and permit number INDP0001543NB operating in Uganda with a mission of Empowering the next generation, took it upon itself to care for orphans and vulnerable children, initially supporting 10 orphans at the Love Uganda orphanage in Kalagi – Mukono district, catering for needs such as feeding, health and medical care, education and shelter. These numbers have however grown with time to reach 30 children at the orphanage and 300 orphans and vulnerable children under its external program. Love Uganda Foundation has been sponsoring the education of 330 vulnerable children and orphans, either under the care of single mothers who are unable to financially support them or under the guardianship of relatives. This has been possible through your continued support.

The Keep An Orphan in School is a running project at Love Uganda Foundation which sponsors over 330 Vulnerable, Orphan and needy Children both at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage and in different communities across different districts / regions  of Uganda namely; Mukono District , Kabale , Kijabijo , Katete , Kanyanya and Gulu under LUF External Program. The project raises its voice to individual sponsors , group sponsors , donors , Funders to mention but a few who can create a sustainable impact on the life of a Ugandan Child under Love Uganda Foundation project #Keepanorphaninschool.

At only $110 per term you are helping out an orphan in Baby class to Primary Two to have scholastic materials and school fees

At only $145 per term, you are helping out an orphan in Primary three, Primary Four or primary five to have scholastic materials and school fees

At only $206 per term, you are helping out an orphan in primary six to Primary Seven to have scholastic materials and school fees

At only $254 per term, you are helping out an orphan in Senior One access scholastic materials and school fees

Love Uganda Foundation has 330 orphan and vulnerable little angels that have passion for academic progress but are limited by finances, 119 of these orphaned children are in baby class, 59 of these children are in Middle class, 14 of these children are in Top class, 27 of these children are in primary one, 25 of these children are in primary two, 27 of these children are in primary three, 26 of these children are in primary four, 20 of these children  are in primary five, 8 of these children are in primary six and 0 of these orphaned are in primary seven , 10 of these orphaned is in Senior One

It is for this reason that we are raising our voices to you, seeking your continued support to ensure that the right to education is made accessible for these needy children. Your support towards this cause can either be in-kind, through donating scholastic materials or through cash that will cater for their scholastic needs including school fees.

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