Sustainable growth as LUF supports orphans
November 1, 2017
orphanage in Uguanda
December 2, 2017

Love Uganda Foundation: Ugandan NGO changing lives of locals

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have a well-established role in Uganda’s process of development. Quite a big number of NGOs prioritize providing services to communities majorly in the fields of health, education, social welfare and poverty alleviation. The NGOs have come
to play an important role in Uganda in these recent years. From the time of the colonial rule up to 1980's the NGOs sector was relatively small, and it was dominated mainly by the humanitarian and evangelistic organizations like the church related organizations which used to
provide crucial services such as schools, medical care and counseling. Other forms of NGOs were the Women's Organizations, social clubs and the professional organizations that were organized along interests of their constituents. Till recently, NGOs were still under looked upon
as insignificant alternative providers of services to the state sector.

Recent years have witnessed eruptive emergence of NGO’s and were finally recognized as possible alternatives to government’s overstretched efforts in addressing the needs of the population especially those that are not reached by official development programs. The establishment of NGO’s in Uganda dates far back to the colonial days right from its early prefix in the country, and the prosperity of the newly independent Uganda in the 1960s favored a rapid development of both foreign and international NGO’s however local ones were formed later on with the support of foreign funding. Most of the NGO’s assumed a substitutive role for some of the social services that were formerly provided to the natives by the state which
fastened the outreach of these services even to the poorest people in the country. It is within this period that education as an issue of NGO’s agenda assumed of great importance, this was largely because there was increasing dropouts from school and decline in the quality of education due to lack of classrooms, untrained teachers, lack of scholastic materials for the pupils.

Till date, provision of education is still the major agenda of the NGOs in Uganda, For Love Uganda Foundation, first we give the orphans families that they didn’t have, and everything that they would have gotten from their families is what we give them. The good health services,
proper feeding, good quality education and most important of all, the love that they would need. Our home is a fellowship of love, we spread Love. We do community outreaches in order to reach out to the poorest communities in Uganda and in most cases this is how we even get the children that stay in our home. For real, if there is anything that can could ever do in this messed world, it is volunteering in Uganda to help a child go back to school.

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